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Hey everyone,
So I bought a Tricross Sport used recently to start racing 'cross. But it comes with heavy, stiff, tires for hardpack or streets/country lanes. I know I will need something different. I'm in the market for a clincher tire. I'm considering the Michelin Mud2 and Continental Cyclocross Race and Twister. I will only buy a set of one of these tires to use the whole season. I will be using them in the Verge NECCCS and other New England races. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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i was in the same boat recently and went with the mud2's over the fango's only due to the ability to run the mud2's really easily tubeless (sealed immediately) and availability.
be advised, the 32 twister is SUPER low volume and width, mine were like 25mm road tires with side knobs. you couldn't run them at any pressure lower than 50 or so psi, and i run my mud2's around 24-28psi just for reference.
Thanks for the advice. I was itching to get this rig up and running (replaced chain, new casette to replace the OEM 12-32, new tires, cleaned up all around) so I went and sprung for the Conti CX Races. Will let you know what I think.

Do you run your Mud2s at 24-28 psi tubeless or with tubes? The recommended pressure for the Contis from their website is 58 but I plan to run it lower than that. Any suggestions? I suppose 'how low you want to go' is a subjective thing and each person has their own opinions.
yeah, tubeless with stans strip and goop, i can go lower, but there's really no point.....race last weekend i would bottom the tire/rim several times a lap with no burping
i just saw the cx races at the local shop, look WAY better than the twisters
Did a handling drill on the outskirts of a local soccer field today. It's been raining on and off the last three days in beautiful SoNH and was raining a good bit on my 5-min ride over. Did some tight turns around some wire signs they had in the ground and under a tent the soccer teams put up earlier in the week, some slalom drills between papers, yogurt cups and wrappers I found on the roadside and so far I am impressed with the grip. We'll see what happens in the mud.
I have a Tri-Cross Single cross and needed to ditch those lousy tires (great for training, by the way).

I went with the Panaracer Crossblasters. They're super light and cheap and they've got surprisingly good handling characteristics. They're a little low volume but I'm heavy and have had no problems. Tough to beat for the $$ and if you don't love them they'd make a great training wheelset or tire for a spare wheelset.
If you are committed to Michelin, I would suggest the 30c jet. Unless conditions are extreme, the knobs on the mud2 won't make you faster.

I'm running Kenda kwik's and I run them with a whole lotta pressure.


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