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Out here in Georgia we see a variety of conditions, especially stick peanut butter mud. I was previously running Mich Mud2s but felt like I really bogged down on pavement. I also had Hutchinson Piranhas which I liked for dry, hardpack (and even a really muddy course but that's because it was so muddy everything I think was just washing off), otherwise it was bogging down in the peanut butter mud.

I'm at a loss. Maxxis Raze? Does anyone else feel like there is a ton of rolling resistance for the Mud2s? Any input appreciated.

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I went Grifo clinchers but haven't had a chance to try them out yet. We have a mini-series starting in a a week and a half so we'll see how they do!

Only problem I have with the XMs is when cornering on pavement or hardpack - the side knobs tend to get squirmy on me. Otherwise it's a very good mud tire.

This article on Velonews is worth a read ...

I mostly ride tubulars, except the Small Block 8 for dry conditions. Clincher tires I am considering for the mud are the Specialized Captain CX and Hutchinson Bulldog. I've heard positive comments on both.
I've ridden and raced the Grifo clinchers now. Verdict: 2 thumbs up. Didn't find them nearly as "slow" as the Mud2s onthe pavement but handled the varied conditions we had (frozen ground, sand, mud) very well. Highly recommended.
All that being said, I picked up some Kenda Kross Supremes (yeah, the read sidwall Redline version). These have yet to be mounted but I thought they'd be great for snow and sloppy mud. Any opinions on these? Guess they weren't such a hot seller, so maybe not...
Tried these out on some local MTB trails, and... the Kross Supremes make a good dry trail tire but will pack with mud. However, the staggered side knobs will help keep it rolling,

Ritchey Zed's are awesome! At 42c, they're too wide for "official" races but as I am far from chasing UCI points, not a concren presently.
I ran the original Muds. I am thinking about the Specialized Captain Cx or the Maxxis MudWrestler of my next set.
The Maxxis Raze has been one of the best tires I have ever owned for sticky mud, It doesn't grip as well as some tires with a less uniform tread pattern but it has very low rolling resistance and sheds mud quickly. For slightly more grip and slightly more rolling resistance check out the panaracer cinder x but for anything between (but not including) pavement and that sticky wet clay/mud that will (steal your shoe if you step in it) the raze is great.
I'm just finding this thread now but I'm a clincher rider and I have tried almost every tire in the clincher tire section. I found many of them really held mud around here. There isnt really one tire to rule them all which sucks but one that I've found is amazing at all weather and if you dont want to spend the money on multiple sets of tires my 2 cents is on the Vittoria’s Cross XG Pro's
AMAZING in all weather. I dont know if anybody has said this yet but when you can only do one set of tires, then tire pressure is where you will make up that difference on the course whether for speed or getting through the bog. I've been using the Vittoria’s Cross XG Pro's for about 3 seasons in a row and going to use them for a 4th this coming year. I love these guys!
I too like the Cross XG Pro as a genearl allround tire - and I find I can run them VERY soft without pinch flatting. I also like the 34mm variant on some of the rougher courses and they also proved effective in the snow and ice.

If you like the XG Pro I'd recommend you check out the XM, same kind of deal with a dedicated mud tread. Bites well, although is more draggy. Same tire carcass and I can get away with the same lower pressue I can on the XG's.

32 or 34s?
For 2010 I changed frames but swapped over most of my parts, so I'll be riding 26" atb wheels for another season (this bike races both cross and short-track xc). After my short-track season I took off the excellent-but-too-fat-for-cross Kenda Karma tires and switched to some Continental Cross Country 26 x 1.5's. They were excellent for the semi- to mostly-muddy Northwest cross courses, and equally fun at the slippy-slidey pump track; and I will definitely use them again.
Bummer is: Continental is no longer making this tire. (!!) You might find a few at the back of a warehouse; or you might luck out as I did; when our Continental rep learned I was racing cross on the tires, he asked me to send a picture. I did, and he gifted me with a second set of the tires.
I continue to scour the universe for extra sets of the Conti Cross Country. Lemme know if you have any kicking around.


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