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Out here in Georgia we see a variety of conditions, especially stick peanut butter mud. I was previously running Mich Mud2s but felt like I really bogged down on pavement. I also had Hutchinson Piranhas which I liked for dry, hardpack (and even a really muddy course but that's because it was so muddy everything I think was just washing off), otherwise it was bogging down in the peanut butter mud.

I'm at a loss. Maxxis Raze? Does anyone else feel like there is a ton of rolling resistance for the Mud2s? Any input appreciated.

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I like to coat my tires with automotive tire shine(like armorall) to help keep the mud from sticking. If you go talk to your local Automotive detail shop suplier, look for something with a high silicone content & is very stable. There is a company I buy from called P&S that makes a good one that runs about $20 per gallon(that will do like 1,000,000 bike tires) Just be sure not to get any on your rims braking surface
Excellent idea! I'll definitely check that out for 'cross season. Wonder if there's a non-spray version I could carefully brush on to clean tires? And do you have a link for said company?
Thanks --BH
Be careful with these types of coatings for on road use. They can make your tires slick and ineffective in corners.
Surely you'd only paint the sidewalls?
I will usually do the entire tire for something aggressive like to MIMO's. The tread blocks are so deep that the surface that touches the pavement will scrub off after a few feet. For a lower profile tire like a file tooth(Ritchy Speed max etc...) Then yes only the sidewalls.
The Continental Speed King works nicely over here.
Want to talk clag? they quarry the clay here for the London Brick Company. Pretty good tyre. Though the Schwalbe Rocket Ron is looking like a good lighter alternative.

The Maxxis Raze isn't too bad, really. I like it and in all honesty I should use it more often.  Last year I went with a Panaracer Crossblaster up front and a Kenda Kommando in the back and these rolled as good as you can in the mud. They were a great general-conditions setup, too. Only real problem was Masters Worlds and then *everybody* was hitting the deck. It was more of who had good technique than tire.

This year I've had moderate success with a Vittoria XM/XG set up (XG up front, XM in back) but I don't like the small side knobs on the XM as they'd squirm under me on turns in the grass, hardpack or pavement. I've also run a modified set of Duro HUPs that worked fantastically. In the soft grass that we were churning into mud you could hear the front tire ripping the grass like velcro. The Duro MoeJoe isn't bad as they've got some decent side knobs and the center doesn't pack up too much.


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