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Hi, I'm looking for a new rear clincher tire for muddy conditions and a new rear clincher tire for dry conditions. For muddy conditions, I've narrowed the choices down to three:

- Michelin Mud 2
- Geax Cross Blade (no longer manufactured, but available)
- WTB Cross Wolf Race

For dry conditions, I'm looking at three others:

- Geax Mezcal (again, no longer manufactured, but available)
- Vittoria Evo XN
- Continental Cyclocross Speed

For muddy conditions last season, I used a Vredestein Premiato 34 and was pretty happy with it. Last year, I used a Mezcal, and was happy with it, too.

Any thoughts or recommendations from the group?


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You'll hear it over and over, but the Mud 2s do it all.
Yeah, I've got a Mud 2 34 tubular (sic) that I use for muddy conditions and have been delighted with it. I'd like to try something else; however, if the Mud 2 is the clear favorite, it's a no-brainer. Cyclocross Magazine's clincher tire reviews from several issues ago pointed out many of the tire's strengths; it is one of the best mud clinchers available for sure; however, it wasn't far-and-away the best in head-to-head competition.
I'm in need of a second pair of clinchers, and I'm planning on giving one of the Challenge Grifo permutations a try. Don't know if those found your radar.
I'm a little concerned that the Grifo XS just doesn't have enough of a side knob with what I'm looking for. The same argument could be made for the Continental Cyclocross Speed; however, I think the XS is more akin to the earlier generation of the Evo XN. An ideal side knob for a file tread tire, in my opinion, is the FMB SSC Sprint; that tire, of course, is not available as a clincher. The Grifos are otherwise considered by many to be the gold-standard for an all-around cyclo-cross tire.
I can only comment on the Michelin Mud 2's. I rode them exclusively the past two seasons in mud, snow and grass. If I knew I was dealing with hard pack I switched to Michelin Jets (I think? It's their File Tread).
I think the Mud 2's are great tires. They're really grabby turning on grass and do a decent job in the mud and snow. I am planning on buying a new set for the upcoming season.

Best mud clincher is Mud 2, best dry condition tire is a worn Mud 2. Unfortunately the sidewalls are often cut before the tread gets worn, but really, Mud 2s are great tires in all conditions except pavement and pavement like hardpack. Don't go too crazy with lots of clincher tires, save your pennies and get some tubs or at least a tubeless setup to notice a real difference.


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