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I'm a bit of a coffee snob, anyone have a favorite roaster/blend/origin?


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Lopez Island Roasters..from WA...their Med Roast Nicaraguan is awesome


I'm having trouble finding any info on their coffees. Do you know if they have a website? I am very into small roasters with smaller batches. If you're on the West coast you should try some coffee from Four Barrel coffees. They do a phenomenal job with their single origins particularly the Guatemala Antigua Retana, it has a lot of fruit tones (citrus and cherry mostly) yet it's surprisingly smooth. If you get a chance you should get yourself some Four Barrel Coffee.
peet's on the west coast, too many to list from mpls  although peace coffee is nice and delivered by bicycle locally, i don't have a east coast favorite, i like indonesian coffees, very aromatic and full flavored.
Indonesian coffees are amazing, but sadly few roasters allow the full flavor to remain through the roasting process. I have yet to find a true Indonesian coffee that didn't disappoint me. Most just taste burnt.

I've had to cut back a bit here recently, but I'd put myself in the same category of bean related snobbery. Not sure where you're at geographically, but my two favorite roasters are Verve in Santa Cruz, CA and Copper Door in Denver, CO. Both are available online. Verve's Buena Vista and Los Naranjos blends are excellent (and where I'd start), depending on whether you want a dark or medium roast. Sinjin at Copper Door is a cyclist himself and a sponsor of the Breck Epic multi-day MTB stage race in Colorado (I like to support people who support the sport of cycling). Copper Door's Columbia Espresso is really smooth and would be a great place to start.

Check out and

If you order one (or more) of the above, let me know what you think! Cheers!

I'm in Denver, and I'm super stoked on Verve, I'll be ordering some on Monday. Copper Door is so-so. I've been surprised by a few of their coffees yet mostly just thought it was over roasted and didn't really reflect the flavor they described.

it time to roast your own...the Lopez Island Roasters are only available in the San Juans, great stuff, I brought 2# back with me after drinking it all week while on Lopez..good reason to visit I guess


also try Millar's...wood roasted, very nummy from Yacolt, WA...try the Lucia

Dopers Suck Coffee

Organic, Fair-trade, small batch roasted in Denver immediately before shipment, and it supports IMBA.

What else could you ask for?

Heart Coffee Roasters (Portland)

Intelligentsia Coffee (Chicago)

These are two of my favorite coffee roasters, both are easily available through their web stores, and heart has the SMOOTHEST coffees of all time.

They are okay.

These guys aren't too bad either!

Another vote for Heart, good stuff.  I've been drinking a lot of Extracto lately, both french press and cold press, and loving it.  Can't recall the variety I've been buying though but am out and need to restock so can find out if you're interested, but everything I've tried from them is good.  Stumptown's Hairbender and Intelligentsia's Black Cat both make a great espresso, but it sounds like you want to try roasters that are significantly smaller.  I haven't tried the coffee from Clive yet (outside of some cold press at a party that was part of a mixed drink) but have heard good things and they DEFINITELY know their equipment.


If there are any Portland based ones you want that aren't available online we can arrange some sort of coffee swap if you want, have done it with a few others and it's always worked out.

Hell yeah dude, I'll let you know if I can't find some stuff, we can get a coffee trade going.



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