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I'm a bit of a coffee snob, anyone have a favorite roaster/blend/origin?


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Cool, sounds like a plan, just lemme know
Another vote for Peets!

I'm jazzed on Backroom Coffee Roasters in Columbus, OH -

Especially their Sumatra and Biker Blend - smooth, good AM brew.

Atomic Cafe, nationally acclaimed for they drip brew coffee and makes some amazing latte's and cappuccinos.  Located in Beverly and Marblehead Massachusetts.  One of Tim Johnson's places to go when he is in Beverly!  If you're  not local check out the online website!

I really enjoy the offerings by New Harvest Roasters out of Rhode Island. Stumbled upon it out of cheapness actually, it was reasonably priced at Whole Foods, but it turned out to be among the best coffee I've had.
Pete's Major Dickason Blend Whole Bean Great place,  I try to hit it up when I travel to the winter series.
the coffee is important, but so is the method...i have a greek briki, a french press, melitta, senseo, espresso...and, yes, 'instant'...i can enjoy them all and esp. certain kenyan, blue mountain, kona roasts...but i really enjoy, when i can nab them, certain overseas/international variations of NESCAFE, esp. some of the UK blends and some i've had from South Africa. and sure, the new Nescafe Clasico Suave is pretty good if made as a au lait/con leche, heh ;)
Ohoris santa fe

I always enjoyed Bob's Java Hut in Mpls when I lived there.

DC's Tryst is great fun.

Four Barrel is for the hardcore.

I wish there was something amazing locally, but generally I creep around Cure, Cafe Stella, Fair Grounds or just do it myself.


Four Barrel is pretty good, as is Blue Bottle, both in SF for those that live in the Bay
I love Extracto in Portland OR. Really good small batch stuff and tons of variety. Though they don't sell it outside of there two stores.  And of course that Portland standby Stumptown. As for preparing it. Aeropress all the way  I know it's made by a toy company, but seriously it's amazing.


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