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tips needed

- I need pants with full length zippers for warm up riding - links and reviews anyone?

- how do you warm up yet keep the feet from freezing before the race, at least my ski gloves help the hands but my toes are toast

- besides a ss, how to keep the rear derailleur from collecting mud?


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Verge Sport has cross specific clothing, specifically full zip warmup pants.  I don't have any experience with that particular item but have a bunch of their custom gear and been very pleased with its quality and performance.

For the feet the simplest solution would be a cheap set of larger wool socks and cut out holes for the cleats etc.  A more elegant solution would be a set of neoprene over shoes or booties, specifically for mountain shoes.  Most have a rear zipper to make it easy to get on/off.

I typically use leg warmers with a zipper at the bottom, I've never had problems pulling them off over my shoes. Unfortunately I also suffer from frozen toes and nothing really seems to make much of a difference. On wet days I'll pre-ride (or even race) with plastic bags over my feet inside my shoes just to keep the water out. I'm thinking about picking up a full on winter boot and swapping to my normal shoes just before the start.

I've owned the Vermarc and Champ Sys pants. The Vermarc are less complicated but slightly less warm. Champ Sys you can get in team colors and are warmer. I think Craft makes some too but I didn't see them up close.

I have the Endura Luminite Overshoe. They are kinda worthless otherwise (don't breath, feel like plastic bags) but man are they warm and they come off very easily. Works for me. I'll go full bootie for warm up if it's really cold and just take the running/barriers really easy. I've also warmed up in my winter cycling boots. Always good to have a spare pair of shoes to warm up in so your race shoes are clean and dry.

i was afraid to trash my over shoe covers during warmups but

the plastic bag sounds like something to try.

i do have Lake 303's but really which is worse; frostbit toes or destroyed Lakes

thanks for the advice


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