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My local community wants to support cycling events in order to promote bicycling in general and a group is putting together a proposal for a 'cross event next year. After surveying potential sites, we lack any significant "run-up" type features so we'll likely need to build something. I've watched enough videos to see many examples, with and without steps. Are there any documented designs out there for a: mound, set of steps, series of hills, etc. that would help us design a great cyclocross feature for our site? We have been offered heavy equipment if necessary to help make this happen.

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A run-up is hardly required on a cross course; don't force it, and don't break out the heavy equipment for your first cross race. There's plenty of ways to make exciting cross features without moving dirt.

One of the simplest ways to make "stairs" on a hill is to take long boards and nail them together at 90 degrees to make a long V shape; then flip em over and put em on any hillside, with some stakes so they don't move around. Bam, instand, re-usable mini-staircase.

There are so many fun things you can do with 4 steps, you can make the approach really fast, you can make the dismount off-camber, you can make the dismount easier if you do it switch (drive-side), you can make a tight turn after the remount to introduce a "run further" option, you can put the barriers near it to create a "lots of dismounts close together section." So many options. Try riding a couple versions before you stake it. My goal when building an obstacle is always "really fun" or "really awkward."
you could build something like this. the folks at Kelley Acres might have some designs they could share

We had a couple races this season where we ran a mound of sand. It was probably only 20 steps worth of running, but it was enough to change the pace a bit.

Can you take advantage of some tight spots around trees? Maybe you could put a barrier before a tight, twisty section, and make it faster to run than to ride. Especially if the corners are muddy or sandy.


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