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Anyone have troubles with the inner spring rubbing against the pedal body? As a result, the spindle won't spin.   I can grind away at the spring or body but would rather not if there is a fix?


Any info would be appreciated.


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Buy a better pedal then Crank Bros. I can't stand those things.
Like what?
Most likely, the problem is in the bearing or the bushing, Depending on the year of your pedal, you should be able to get a rebuild kit for it for around $30 or so. (for both pedals) I have been running Crank Bro for about 10years now & have NEVER had a spring cause a problem. They are super easy to rebuild with a 10mm socket/ratchet, flat blade screw driver, & some grease.

I did have a spring break on me once but Crank Bro's warranted it no questions asked
I'm a huge fan of Shimano SPD, particularly XTR. The coating they put on the hardware of the pedal is significantly better then the lesser models. I know this is a very personal preference subject, and I know many people like Crank Bros. Yes they are easy to rebuild, but wouldn't you rather not having to worry about doing it at all? I know someone that has first generation XTR pedals. About ten years old now. They are still kicking and have never been rebuilt. Just my $.02
Brand new pedals. Raced on twice and the spring shifted over and the end is getting caught on the platform.


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