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Building up my new Eriksen cross frame :) I discover that the new Campagnolo CX compact crankset I bought catches the chain stay! :(

Guess I am in the market for a new one. What have people been running out there successfully? Also, anyone else with an Eriksen cross frame? What are you running?

Also, look for the 172.5 carbon crankset and BB to be posted for sale soon!


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Campagnolo CX Cranksets run a VERY narrow Q-factor @ 144.5MM , it's a shame you have to give it up. SRAM is going to present the same problem too with a 145MM Q-Factor. Any Shimano (147.5MM) should be good in this case then. Check out what Kent Erikson is running on his photo bike... a Dura Ace Triple...WIDE, WIDE, WIDE. 

Thanks very much! The Campy crankset has the bearing attached on the drive side, and actually fits into the external BB cup, making it narrower still. Most I have seen stay external to the BB.

Going ShimaNO however, hmmm. Don't have the big S components on any of my bikes! Do you have a listing of Q-factors for the various manufacturers? Looking at various BB, most seem to keep the crankset on the outer face, and I am wondering if that would be enough. Also noticed that the Chris King BB allows for spacing in 2.5mm increments, wondering if that would do it with another (non-Campy) crankset.

Thanks again!

- Jack

My old recommendations are sightly skewed.

I saw a post on VeloNews listing the q-factors of cranks as found by Lance's contact at Sram. They are as follows:

Shimano DA 7900 – 147 mm
Campagnolo Ultra-Torque – 145.5 mm (labeled on the arms)
SRAM BB30 – 145 mm
SRAM GXP – 145.3 mm
SRAM SRM/Quark – 145 mm


With the Chris King components, those 2.5 mm spacers are for converting a 68mm bottom bracket to 73mm (difference being 2x 2.5mm spacers).

Assuming your bike has a 68mm BB

Go Chris King for the Bottom Bracket and FSA Gossamer for the Crankset (147mm Q);  I have that setup on my Felt and it's bomber and inexpensive.  Also, get King's BB re-greaseing gismo and skip their custom BB installation tool - it's pretty worthless.  Park's BB T-9 tool, a 24" length of pipe for leverage and a cheap grease gun from Lowe's will set you up for life. :)

Have fun! 



The "Kings' installation tool is there just to not mar the finish, my park works just fine too, but pay attention to torque specs or your frame will forever be married to Chris King.

Thanks, I'll give the BB a check and see if I shotgun wedding happened over the summer :).  

Ahhh - "installation tool" my comment was for using the tool to remove the King BB (where the tool failed completely) not the installation.  I guess the right tool for the right job applies in this situation.

Thanks for my Zoolander "The files are in the computer" moment." :)  



Just a follow up, Kent Eriksen immediately took the frame back and put a small dimple in the chain stay. Crankset fits great! I also added a 1mm spacer that sets the chain line up perfectly. Build continues with pictures to follow. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and especially to Kent and crew for the flawless customer service!!

Ah, yes... the dimple.  Like politics and making sausage, you don't want to watch how they put the dimple in the tube.  It involves a hammer and is very low tech.  I watched in horror once as a custom builder put a dimple in my chainstay for chainring clearance, and when I expressed my disbelief in what he did, he just asked "how do you THINK we put those there?"

LOL.  I almost choked reading that. :D

Great news.  How do you lke the new Campy CX cranks?


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