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anyone out there know anything about this frame - saw it advertised for what seems like a killer price point...looking for a new pit bike...any thoughts out there

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no, but I was wondering the same thing....
No idea, but Bonktown/Chainlove/etc has a very good return policy. Next time it pops up, give it a try and let us know how it is! Either way, ~$1000 for a full carbon bike with Apex is pretty ridiculously cheap. Try it out!
yep - that is what I was thinking...475 for frame and fork is even better, esp with a component swap...was just wondering...I know I see some crazy cheap carbon road frames and what not on ebay coming out of Taiwan or where ever, always wondered about those bikes, then was in Montana riding and met a guy that had one...he loved I suppose, no guts no glory...but it does make one wonder a tad at that price point.

if anyone else out there wants to chime in, feel free...
I've got a teammate that works for Realcyclist/backcountry. He seems pretty stoked on the cutter frames and not just because he works there. They're out of the same Asian factories that makes the brands you've heard of, so construction should be pretty solid. Pretty low risk to give them a try, as realcyclist has 30 days no questions asked returns.
thanks for the feedback...good to hear...


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