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Sorry for posting here but I'm getting nothing from the Uberflip support people. I took out a $28 digital sub but it doesn't seem to recognise my username in Newsstand (which would be my preferred media). All works fine in my browser, just not on Newsstand.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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Hey John, 

Sorry for the hassle.

If you can fire off an email to - and describe your issue, they can help you a bit better than I can.

email sent, be great if someone could read it & get back to me........

still no response......anyone else I can hassle?


Sorry for the slow response - I think the uberflip people (and us) might have been confused in that you bought the uberflip subscription, correct? that has back copies back to issue 5 through 18, for just $28. 

Apple's Newsstand is a different product, and it allows either single copy purchases or subscriptions but subscriptions start with the current issue and last for a year. 

Apple takes a big cut and requires a lot more hoops to jump through, and they control the gateway to the product.  As per our digital subscribe page, they're different options and not two for the price of one and are separate logins, and we're sorry if that wasn't clear.  if you rather have the more limited apple version, we can happily convert you over, just let us know - private message us. thanks! 

our subscribe@ email address should have a better response.  our helper had a computer problem and we didn't find in an acceptable time frame and some emails didn't get timely responses. trying to fix that right now. 

Thanks - having looked at the options again I can see what you're saying, but it's not obvious - especially as when you then go to newsstand it says "login for existing print & digital subscribers". I just assumed a digital sub meant digital access, regardless of the medium.

Will stick with the sub I purchased - as you say, better value.


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