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SOLD Pauls Neo Retro / Touring Canti setups. Three pairs available (as in enough for three bikes). Have both black and silver. $100 shipped/pair. All brakes SOLD

SOLD Ritchey WCS Carbon CX fork, includes installed King baseplate & expander plug.
8" of steerer tube, 48 rake, 490g. Used for one season. SOLD





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hmm how used are the brakes? i could use 2 pairs for my san jose

Great to hear from you, hope the wheels are still rocking for you.

They are in excellent condition. One has a new set of pads and the others are 9/10. I've upgraded them to v-brake style pad holders so they're super easy to swap out the pads w/o messing up the alignment.

If you need pics, let me know. You'll be happy with em.



thanks ill let you know but the wheels are still going strong, just had my first race of the season this past saturday on them!
The fork sounds good. Can you send a picture my way? I just need to make sure it will fit my Bailey MiniLuv
Wow - that was fast. Sorry I am a noobie trying to build my first CX bike. Not sure if this would work with my size 54.

Nice frame!

Okay, headtube on your 54 frame is 155mm  (6.1"), the steerer tube on the fork is cut to 8", that leaves 2" for headset stack and stem height (height of it where it slides onto fork). As long as you don't need any spacers you'll be good to go. What headset and stem are you using?

Thanks for your help. No headset yet :-(

I picked this stem up today but I am not married to it.

Found the pdf intall / info on their site, the stack height of the stem is 48mm

Fork: 8" to work with

Bike head tube 155 (6.1")

Stem 48 (1.89")

Doesn't leave enough for the headset stack even with a King Inset (12.7mm or .5")


FSA OS115 stem has a stack height of 35mm

Crank Bros Cobalt headset is 20.5,

still too tall.

Only combo may be a King inset headset (relatively new) mated with something like the FSA stem and NO spacers. (155+12.7+35=202.7)

Thanks Anne. Have a great season.
Thanks! You as well. Post a pic when you get that bike built


How much extra would it be to ship a pair of the brakes to Australia?



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