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If you wanted to compete with the 'geared' folks and you were in amazing shape, what Singlespeed setup would you run?

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I started riding single speeds 11 years ago. It was just fun to do on "mellow" XC oriented trails and fed my mischievous nature of enjoying effin' with the XC cats who would get their chamois in a bunch. I had a regular trail/AM/freeride (whatever the latest buzz word of the moment was) bike too that did the big burly rides. I still do in the form of an SC Nomad. I always had some kind of SS throughout that time though. Simple, fun and fed my nasty fun.

5 years ago I began riding road bikes...well sort of. I went out on my SS with slicks and managed to keep up with my girlfriend at the time who was aboard her fancy road bike. She like most roadies thought I was a freak (even more of freak as we got to know each other). I did eventually buy a "road bike" but it was still polluted with my dirty ways...I ran disc brakes, a DH stem, Time ATAC's etc. Naturally, I jumped pot holes, went careening through pebble scree that others on group rides would be pointing out a delicately trying to avoid. I beat the hell outta that bike, destroying drivetrains, a set of wheels and pretty much everything else.

Last year the idea of Cyclocross, began to seem like something screwy enough for me to enjoy. I had been invited to join in on some Tri teams and do some XC, DH and road races, but it was just too serious for me. I wanted something more crazed; more "punk rock". Something that few on the outside would have any concept of or even have heard of. I had picked up a SS road bike last fall and found it to be a blast to ride. Fast and silent; I could keep up with all of the A pace riders even on many of the sprints.

Thus now, I have stripped my road bike apart to build a SS cross bike. It has disc brakes and plenty of clearance so I think its gonna be a blast. I have been riding my mountain SS with drop bars with 38 X 16 gearing rigid doing on off road rides and working on my pacing, dis/re-mounts. I cannot wait to get pics up when this new beast is done. See ya out there.


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