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I'm getting ready to race for the first time this season and being in FL I need tire that can do sand as well as grass and roots. I'm currently riding Michelin Jets at around 30 psi and they work great when it's wet and hard pack but they get squirrelly in the sugar sand.

Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

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you in the less than 150 pound range?
Doesn't everything get squirrelly in sugar sand?
Maybe try something with a little more edge tread than the jets.
I'm 175 lbs. Maybe everything does get squirrelly in the sand but I'm wondering if there's a tire that does better than the others.
I would use a good file tread tubular with side knobs, best choices are not cheap but would be Dugast Pipistrellos (with the side diamond knobs) or Tufo Flexus Dry Plus. The FMB Sprint tire might also run well, but I have not used it, just seen the pictures. A cheaper tubular alternative would be the Vittoria XN (the new version with side knobs) I have run that tire and it does not have as much grab on the side knob as the better tires.
Great info. I'm on clinchers but I'll take a look at your recommendations and find something similar.

The Challenge Grifo dry clincher could work. I never have to ride in sand but it's got a file tread and decent side knobs. Great reviews on it.
The Grifo XS is the file tread that is used for sand in Belgium and Holland. Go for the white rubber compound as the tire is a softer and more adhesive compound which gets good traction on grass. The Challenge tires handle lower pressures better than any other clincher on the market and for some reason they are very hard to pinch flat. I rode a lap at Koksijde at 13psi when I let out too much air and had to ride a lap back to the car, I was bottoming out everywhere but still didn't pinch flat. I've also experienced the same no pinch flats riding over roots in Holland where Katie and I train when we're in Belgium. The tire is the most compliant ride on the market with other clinchers rated at 60tpi and ride like tractor tires.
You can also run a standard Grifo up front if you are having cornering traction issues. In an ideal world you want to run 34mm tires for sand however this limits your tire choice although Challenge make the standard Grifo in a 34mm


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