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Recently tacoed my front wheel (700c Alex rims with a 35mm tyre) in my CX during a recent single trail ride with my mountain buddies. This made me think of using 29er rims with my 35mm CX tyres. As 29"er rims are virtually 700c rims in disguise, my thinking is that those 29er rims designed for MTB must be *stronger* than the usual 700c rims that were designed for road use. I'm thinking of getting the 23mm or the 21mm 29" rim for my 35mm CX tyre.

Is this possible? Has anybody done this? Or am I way over my depth? Inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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29'er mtb wheels are fine for CX use, especially since they are easy to find with tubeless compatibility allowing you to use the new Hutchinson tubeless tires. The 29'er wheels are built tough so they will hold up but you'll have to pay a good dollar for a light set as they do weigh more than standard road wheels. My fav's are the new 1370 disk compatable one from Stan's NoTubes.

titan is right in that the 29er rims are typically strong but often heavy - but should hold up if built well. the notubes/stans rims are quite light and have held up great under my 160 pounds riding over almost anything - but I have had to true them.

one note - while titan is correct that some 29er wheels are "tubeless" that's typically UST which is different than hutchinson's "Road Tubeless" technology used in their 'cross tires. But there are many ways to do a cyclocross tubeless wheelset, including different rims and tires - see our articles online and in our mag for more info.

the wider rims can offer benefits over a narrow rim too - but you don't have to go mtn for that. companies like HED are making wider clincher rims. HED and EU Imports have HED-rim based wheels. You can also find wider commuter or touring-type rims too.

just a reminder, while the 29er rims will work, a complete rear wheel may not as mtn spacing is 135 mm and your 'cross bike is likely different.

also, the builder of the wheel probably has as much to do with the strength as the components.

good luck!
Thanks for all the replies guys! You've been a great help and this is one great site for CX enthusiasts. Will surely take note of your recommendations!
Good point about the dropout spacing. I have our Everti frames spaced at 132.5mm so you can run either road or mtb hubs...


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