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Whats the diff between the 2 setups?  Can I use my CX for Road racing short tri athlons of say 20k?  Is it worth it to have 2 bikes or should i just use a CX?

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Dave - Your CX bike should be just fine for those sprint tri's.  If you want to set it up to time trial those 20k, just add a set of clip-on aero bars and a pair of slicks and you'll do fine.  Have fun!

A good cross bike will work fine on the road, just put on some slicks and  you'll be good.  You might get some looks and snide remarks from a few of the die hard roadies and tri people, but people who do that suck so ignore them.  Something to keep in mind is that most cx bikes aren't geared as fast as a dedicated road bike so if you plan on hammering it downhill or doing any big sprint finishes you might want to get a set of larger chainrings and swapping them out before a big road race

Getting laughed at by the Tri-geeks is well...laughable. Toss some slicks on there, a bigger chainring and put the wood to 'em.
Best part about a traditional geometry cross bike, the higher bb height, you can stun some of the other riders through corners. CX bikes are like the Swiss army knives of bikes.


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