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New to this forum and would appreciate a recommendation for a mid price range ($800-$1000) cyclocross bike.

Been a road rider many years and although I do enjoy some mtn biking, it doesn't do it for me.

I don't necessarily need a new bicycle. -I ride a 56cm in a road.


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Standover should be close to your road bike...if your road bike fits correctly. I like a little room under the boys for mishaps and such, it's just personal preference. I would say if you are straddling the bike 2-3 fingers between top tube and James Westfall and Doctor Kenneth Noisewater (Anchorman quote for those in the know) should be a good starting point. The top tube may be a pinch shorter too since you won't need the areo postion like maybe on a road bike. It might feel a little more upright than you're use too. Hope some of this helps.
I can offer a little input on motobecanes as I own a fantom ds mountain bike and I would not hesitate to buy another one of their frames. I'm considering their ti model for purchase! it is now an american owned company who has their frames made by kenisis in asia like many other top names the only down side to their entry level cross bikes is the gearing one I belive is a triple and the other an 16 speed I'm new to cross but smart enough to know a triple chainring is heavy and has more surface area for mud .the 16 may be ok someone else may have a better opion on that but I think if you are considering one of these bikes you need to factor in some $'s for drivetrain upgrdes but I honestly belive the frames are worht it!! one more quick note bicycling mag gave the imortal ice ( a road bike) excellent review
To clarify the Motobecane's a bit. The two in your price range are the Fantom Cross Pro $999 and the Fantom Cross $750(I think). Both are great aluminum frames with carbon forks. The Pro has a double ring up front with a 10 speed cassette in the rear. The Fantom Cross is a double ring in front with 9 in the rear. If I were going to make a recomondation I'd go with the Pro. You will not be able to touch that build with components on any bike. Full Ultegra components on a good frame with ok wheels would cost you close to $2000 on pretty much every other bike out there. So, if the almighty dollar is consideration number one go with the Motobecane Fantom Cross Pro. If you want a bike that you can get free service and a good look from your mechanic now and then and you're ok spending a little more or just not getting as much for your money, go with one of the other entry level bikes like Redline or Bianchi from your LBS.
It's not in that price range but you may be interested.

Orbea ‘Cross Bike

Used for only 1 partial season of ‘cross and a handful of training rides. I raced on other wheels so these are still like new. Tonkin has taken care of it for me and everything has been recently tuned, cleaned and replaced at the end of this ‘cross season so it’s in great working order. This is a great ‘cross bike, especially for a woman or shorter man. I am 5’5” and it fits me well. I have several options for the following items so you can dial this bike in to suit your liking and I would be mroe than happy to fit you on it with your purchase ($150 value):
• Stem
• Handle bars
• Cassettes
• Crank lengths
• Chain rings
• Tires
• Saddles
Here’s a link with to a photo of this model.">
Please see the details below for all of the specifics and contact me with questions and photos.
Size 48cm frame/52cm top tube
Weight 20.20lbs (probably lighter because mine's a 50cm frame)
Color Red & black
Frame TIG Welded Alloy 7005
Fork Zeus Carbon AC Cross
Crankset FSA Gossamer, 36/46 teeth (several chainring options and crank lengths)
Components 105/Ultegra mix
Brakes Tektro, Shimano 105 levers
Cassette 10-speed, 12 - 25 teeth (several cassette options)
Seat Post Kalloy Carbon
Saddle Orbea XR
Bar & Stem Zeus Cat I
Wheels Mavic Aksium
Tires Several Tire Options
Retail - $1799

Asking $1250

Holler if anyone's interested. Cheers,

Jeb Stewart, MS, PES
Owner/Head Coach
Endurofit, LLC
(503) 863 8886 (p)
(503) 961 7163 (f)

"Success Solutions for Endurance Athletes & Coaches"
Keith, what's the good word bud? Still looking? Narrowing down the search?
The search continues. I'm in a full state of "IO" - "Information Overload!" Did lots of test rides, studies specs etc etc. I like the Jake the Snake bike as well as the Surly. So far-I'm most impressed with the Specialized mid range ($1400) bike. The carbon forks on that bike seem to dampen a lot more vibration than on some other units I rode.

The Bianchi Volpe is great bike for the bucks and I like the understated color.

Lots of great machines out there. I'll be pulling the trigger soon.

Wish there was a Motobecane to take for a spin. Don't mind mail order since I'll do my own work anyway and it does look like the Motobecane has the best bang for the buck.
Hey.........need some input.

Was going to plunk down my cash for either a Jake the Snake or the Specialized Comp when I was out of town on business and took a spin on the Masi CX Especiale. I know, its not flashy and not that well known but its steel.

I like the understated color and, being an old Italian road bike guy, I can see myself on that bad boy.

Its about $900 less than the Spec Comp and $500 less than the Snake. Would it make any sense to buy the Masi and then spend some $$$ on lighter wheels and other doo dads.

As usual - thanks.
So, Ive pretty much sold myself on a Jake series. I may just get a plain old jake, and as I run it ragged and break some componets, use it as a good excuse to upgrade. Kona does make a 62cm model (I'm 6'6"/38" inseam), not many manfuctures make bikes biger than that. As for the bumpy ride--Lemoore, CA is pretty much a desert converted into farm country. Not much mud or roots - plenty of of dirt, gravel, demolished roads, animal trails, dry river beds...

What haven I thought of? Am I making a mistake?

Be brutal........
Hey man I`m all down with buying local and I have several times, but the bang for the bucks is at bikesdirect full Ultegra! a buddy of mine bought one and they are really a pretty nice bike nice parts lists!


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