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Is it possible?

I ride a road bike, back in the saddle after a lengthy absence and cyclocross is all new to me. I went to see my first race on Saturday at Morris Plains in New Jersey. It looks a hell of a lot of fun but it also looks bloody expensive. I'm dying to have a go but it seems beyond my limited budget. The road bike is a fine ride but not cyclocross compatible in my opinion. Not much tire clearance, no braze-ons for cantis etc. Most of the bikes - I watched the 40+ and 50+ races, I'd be in the 40+ but think I'd struggle to compete with a 60+ field to be honest - I saw raced were of the expensive variety. Van Dessels seemed to be very popular, Ridley's and one gent had an absolutely stunning red steel Gunnar model.


I'd be very interested to know how successful people have been in either a) scoring an awesome deal on a bike and any tips for doing so, where to look etc... and b) assembling a bike of their own.


I'm tempted to try  b. I'm giving myself 12 months to get in shape and either build a bike (eBay, Craigslist, garage sales) or save up for an entry level bike.



If I can just be a cheeky sod and sneak in another one; I'm a big fan of steel frames how suitable or unsuitable do people feel steel is for cyclocross?


Any opinions, advice, constructive criticisms greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, you cyclocross guys are insane, in the nicest possible way, naturally.

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Sorry, I should have added the frame and fork were on sale. $347s the lot including shipping. Seems like a pretty good deal for someone like me who just wants to give it a go and have some fun.

Yeah,  That sod was me.  I was just lucky to get in the truck before the deluge!  We call the truck "The Oyster" by the way.  That bike is worth more than the truck itself.  :-) It was either the bike or a gym membership.  I definitely made the right decision!

The Westwood Velo race is this weekend at Harriman State Park NY.  If you come up, stop by.  I'll get you hooked up with people who can help you with parts.

There's also the Trexlertown swap meet the weekend of October 8th.  Inexpensive parts are easy to find there.  It's a bit of a drive, but might be worth it.

Good luck and get racing!

Small world. I guess when the credit-card bill comes in I can blame you and your Van Dessel!

This is going to be a long term project. Cost wise and fitness wise. I think I can plod all day on the roads but the hell for leather intensity of CX??? I'd love to go out to the Velodrome but I'll be working.

That was one of the things that stopped me pushing the bike buying when I realized just how many races I'd miss due to work.

Thanks for you kindness - it seems the default setting for most people on here in fairness- if I see you in the park I'll give you a shout and come drool over your bike.

Good luck with your racing.

A gym? I'd rather be unhealthy.

this years cx bike is home made too. This time I took my old 26" mtb and added disc brakes. Of course frame mods were necessary!


The baby's arrived.



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