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about a year or so ago there was a powerpoint presentation making the rounds that reviewed the course conditions one and two weeks after a prominent cyclocross race. it was done to show land owners and managers that the apparent damage done to terrain by cyclocross races, while ugly in the short term, did not significantly harm the grass etc in the longer term.

anyone know where i can find this presentation? our local club could really use it to pitch for a course next year. i think it was done by and organization maybe out in portland or something.

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That's it! thanks so much JMack!
I am doing the same thing. I used Ken's presentation as well. The races I did this year showed little damage. However, we did take "pre" photos & "race" photos. In the spring we will take "post race" photos to prove the grass gets matted down, NOT tore up. The more promoters that post these type of photos the better.
Thanks so much for posting this. My team promoted our first series last year and at the last minute (one month before our first race!) Nashville Parks pulled our permits for fear of damaging the parks, despite having cx series within the parks in previous years with no or very minimal reported damage. I think I'm gonna work on something like this over the coming season to show how little damage, if any, a typical cx race has on turf. In the meantime this is a very useful presentation.

Thanks again!


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