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The second PainCave Cycling group buy is open.  

The first order arrived last week and the quality is great.

Long sleeve skinsuit: $98 

Short Sleeve Jersey: $48

Long Sleeve Jersey: $58

Bib Shorts: $62

Contact paincavecycling at gmail com.

Details are at the (non)team site

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Why not see if the fine folks here at CX Mag want to get in on the action? We can help out the cause and fly the flag with a Cyclocross Magazine team skinsuit. Just an idea.

What are the minimums to qualify for the prices you mentioned above?

The minimums were 6-10 depending on the vendor.

You have the link wrong for the 'thermal' skinsuit from Champ Sys, your link is for a standard lycra one.  This is the 'thermal' skinsuit:


I can't comment on the quality of the thermal skinsuit (it doesn't get that cold on race days here) but I can on the thermal arm-warmers and fleece bibs, plus regular skinsuits.  They are awesome quality now - our club has been using them for 18months now and have been really happy with them, have purchased over A$25K worth of kit so far with very few problems. The few problems we have had have been fixed quickly by the Australian-arm of CS anyway, I would assume the US customer liaison could do just as good a job as they all come from the same factory in China.


I've used my thermal skinsuit 3 times in 3 years.. go non-thermal and I live in Minnesota where races can be in the 20's. They are too hot.. and you're not going fast enough if you are getting cold ;) are always looking for like-minded crossers
Hook me up!

If you are still interested in doing a group buy on skinsuits please consider Renner Custom Cycling Clothing. We sponsor cyclocross, Renner Custom Cyclocross Team, and would be willing to work with you guys on the minimums, etc.


Our base price on short sleeve skinsuits sold outside the EU is €63.63 (about $85.40USD at today's exchange rate), long sleeve skinsuits are €66.11 (about $87.75 at today's exchange rate). While we can do thermal skinsuits, it's much more versatile to purchase regular lycra skinsuits and then use a good undershirt for the very cold days.


Below is a shot of Gabby Day racing in our long sleeve lycra skinsuit.



If you can get together a small order I can put together a good price for you guys.


Gregg Germer, Renner Custom Clothing

Team Manager, Renner Custom CX Team

im in  i like  paincave cycling
i'm interested too
The general consensus is to drop the "thermal" aspect and just go for a normal long sleeve skinsuit.  Still work?  We just need a few more...
I could be down for a suit. 
I would be in to this too as I stand Mr Marx's adage: "I do not want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member." The Hincapie stuff is the bomb, but it all gets trashed. I have some graphics guys I know that could put something fun together...let's submit some design ideas here...have a little contest. The unwanted, unwashed CX'ers league of justice.


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