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The second PainCave Cycling group buy is open.  

The first order arrived last week and the quality is great.

Long sleeve skinsuit: $98 

Short Sleeve Jersey: $48

Long Sleeve Jersey: $58

Bib Shorts: $62

Contact paincavecycling at gmail com.

Details are at the (non)team site

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Then you need to do a bit more groundwork (minimally) than simply googling these teams.  The guy who founded Crossniacs is a member of this forum and at least in my area, I know they are actively recruiting new folks so they can have better exposure across the country.  I emailed him and we had an email exchange.  The timing didn't make sense for me, since I am not racing this year, but am 99% sure I'll be joining come the new year.  The member support is pretty impressive. 


CXWorld has member only team clothing available, just like they have member only gear discounts and sales.  I joined them this year thinking I would be racing and got a short sleeve skinsuit and my membership for the year for less than the price the OP quoted for a long sleeve Pactimo suit and CXWorld uses Pactimo for their grassroots team clothing.  A long sleeve version would have been a slight upcharge.  Plus I bought a full set of Avid Shorty Ultimates for basically half price.


Hup United is a bit more of a mystery to me, but I'd be surprised if there aren't any members on this forum that would give information.  I know there are definitely guys on RBR. is the newest team out there, believe they just started 2011.  And the website is actually cx spelled out.


I'm going to assume that skinsuits are a popular item among members of these teams, since CXers seem to be the largest user population outside of TTers, so it is a safe bet to think that along with your membership, you'd have access to their team clothing, which would include a suit option or two.  If in doubt, just email them and ask.  As for the ease and price, I'm not following your logic.  If the OP were to go in on a group buy with a handful of folks to make the minimum order, wouldn't a larger already established group likely have more purchasing power (lower $) and already have relationships established with their selected clothing vendor, possibly making turn-around time significantly less?


Nothing against the OP and the DIY spirit, but I see that approach being more costly in time and money. 


 Your thoughts are well taken. I agree that is is a better deal to join a team and get in on the larger group buys that they no doubt can get.  I have spent some time researching the few teams that I knew of (thanks to your info, I now have more to look into) and I was not getting any info on how to join and get a skinsuit.  Please remember  and I speak only for myself here, that I am 58 years old and just getting into cross, so I am not a "prize" for a new team to be fighting for me to join them. I ended up buying a few skinsuits from ebay and got them for less than $20.00 each. I was happy with that, but someone pointed out that the rules forbid me wearing these suits to race in because the have sponsor's names and logos on them. Thus my interest in a new skinsuit. I will take the info you have provided and look into these other teams.  

As far as I know it is not "illegal" to race in another team's kit (unless it is a current pro team) in amateur races, but certainly very frowned upon, since those sponsors have no affiliation with you.  There is a great scene in one of the recent "Behind The Barriers" where Ted King (Liquigas road pro) talks about overhearing some officials and spectators mocking him as a "poser" for showing up to a cross race in a full road pro team kit.  Anyway, I don't it is illegal at the level many of us are racing at.  And I'm no prize either.  I'm a Cat 4 with a 17 month old baby that has seriously limited my training time.  I'm hoping and planning to make that a different story come next year. 

1N5. Jerseys 
Jerseys must be worn in all races and shall cover the shoulders. Sleeveless jerseys are allowed only in non- international MTB races and individual time trials. Skin suits may not be worn in Pro gravity events per UCI rules. No additional equipment, whether worn over or under a rider's uniform, which has the effect of reducing wind resistance is permitted, except in the case of inclement weather, additional covering designed solely to protect against precipitation or cold may be worn. However, shoe covers are permitted in any conditions. 
(a) The rider and uniform must be clean at the beginning of a race. Uniforms may be any color but helmets, shoes, or clothes that are torn, or in disrepair may not be used. 
(b) Advertising may appear only on the uniform, including caps, shoes, and helmet of riders who are licensed members of sponsored clubs or teams [disqualification for other advertising]. The club's name must appear on the front and back or two sides of the jersey. The name may be abbreviated. 
(c) UCI Teams and Category 1 & 2 riders ...this will not pertain to you.
(d) Club Jerseys. In competition, no rider shall wear the emblem, inscription, or uniform of any club or team which the rider is not eligible to represent [Offending rider may not be permitted to start if noted before the race; otherwise, warning for first offense]. Club jerseys must not be similar in color or design to a National Champion jersey or a USA National Team jersey. 

I've NEVER seen that enforced.  Especially in the lower cats.  Again, don't show up wearing your RadioShack kit, but if you bought some skinsuits off eBay from teams that are local to a different region, I don't think anyone will be the wiser.  But YMMV. 

What if it were Cyclocross Magazine skinsuit? Ohiorick, have you asked Andrew if he'd want to do that?


 I was not the one that was putting this together, so , no , I have not asked CX mag. I believe that it was talked about early on in this thread and I do not know the outcome. 

I like the idea of a non-team, team. This has been done with HUP United (, (one of Cyclocross Magazines advertisers),, and I think I know you have mock Images made up for the, yet there is no website for official ordering. Try making two or three images up and doing a vote, or have people submit their ideas of a kit for voting. Keep the pain cave portion. Try keeping the community of a future non-team, "team" tied into it. 

I like where this is going.  Please send your ideas to me and I'll post them for all to vote on.  We will have a non team team for next season for sure. 

what does everyone think of this one?

I think they have a 5 item min order..... anyone interested? 

That is a well thought out skin suit.

Couldn't find the price though, I did find the $500 for whatever set up fee (for design purpose, I assume).


I like Castelli's products



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