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I am looking for a good set of wheels on a budget.  I am running clinchers.  Looking to spend $300.00 - $600.00.  I have an old pair of Mavic Cosmics now and need to be put int he pit as a back up along with a set of Open Pros.  I have Kysirium SLs already but looking for pair of training racing wheels for Cross.  Any opionins on the Aksiriums?



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I have not tried them on CX, or road but ahve ridden a friends bike on the trails and theyfeel like softer MTB tires, my issues are based around general physics and the way tires have been mounted for 20 years... I am willing to try anything but not sure that this is the way I want to go, like i said in my original post, I use clinchers as a backup/quick change race day decision. I prefer tubulars for their feel and predictability and the ability to go lower pressures safer. I am a big guy and descend and corner fast, I need something that will conform to the ground and keep me rubber side down. I think they are good for MTB over cross due to the wider tires and more volume that MTD allows for therefore putting more pressure at the bead... again having never tried them I am only going off of some people that I truly respect in the "scene" but who know everyone's mileage will vary.

I do however totally agree that you are always your best mechanic... that is a skill all racers at a minimum should have.
question on the challenge clinchers. in their advertising they say "features seamless latex inner tube", are they referring to just an actual layer of the tire or do they come with a latex tube? might be a dumb question but it looks confusing to me.
I would recommend these I do work for Stan so I may be biased. I think our new tubeless rim will make tubulars for cross a thing of the past.
those team models do look interesting for cross. have you heard of anyone testing them with low psi, and when will they be for sale? if i ran those i would definitely use the sealant, which brings up another question. what are the chances the sealant will clump in an area and throw the wheel off balance? i know for vehicles, when you use fix-a-flat or slime and dont immediately get the wheel spinning at a very fast rate your you'll get a clump that will wobble the hell out of your wheel while ruining both the tire and wheel at the same time.
I have used sealant for both cyclocross and road and have never had the potential scenario you described. The sealant stays a liquid and spins around the inside of the tire. I used the same sealant and set of wheels for my entire cyclocross season last year and the sealant took five months to dry out. I think that the technology for road/cx tubeless sealant is superior to slime or car fix-a-flat. With Stan's or Hutchinson being the best.
The wheel sets will be available in July. Stan's is selling the rims in 32 and 28 hole versions now for those who want to build their own for $120. The rims will work with your favorite cross tire and will not need a rim strip. The sealant will not throw a wheel off balance. Low pressure, great rolling resistance and light weight is why people use tubulars. The new wheelset gives all these benefits, adds flat prevention and never having to glue a tire again.
sweet. you answered my next question which was how much are the rims alone. not a big fan of ac hubs, but i can already see people are building weight winner versions of these so i might do the same. i had never considered tubeless before because i wouldn't put a stans 29'er rim on a road bike, and putting a tubeless tire on a regular clincher rim seemed so jank. but with this 340 rim and a hutchinson tire that were made for each other makes a lot more sense.


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