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I just mounted an cross EC90 fork, FSA headset, and Cane Creek canti's with tons of toe in and soft shoes on my Raleigh team cross frame (basically Kenisis cross frame).

At ten miles per hour, the application of the front brakes creates an insane stutter, fork deflection of several inches, and the feeling that certain death would accompany the application of the front brakes in normal riding.

I put 5 different people on the bike from the welter weight 150 LBS wrench to by 285 pant load and everybody had the same, "woa dude" experience of certain death.

What the heck is going on. Is the EC90 just so flexy that only sub 60 pound riders need apply or have a I missed something. I have never, ever, seen anything like it. It makes me think I need an all steel trials fork for my cyclocross bike.

Short of a steel fork what am I going to do>?

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I had this same problem with my BMC after installing an EC90x and there was a ton of chatter after installing it. All I had to do was increase the toe in and it helped a lot, decreasing the chatter significantly. The mechanic at my local shop told me that sometimes over-tightening the headset can help. He also said to make sure the rim braking surface is clean and the brake pads are not glazed over and try a whole range of toe in and toe out to see what works best. I was at first running Cane Creek canti's but had Tektro 720's in the mail, so I put those on a few days later and with the proper toe in and adjustment, I have not had any problems. I'm also running Kool Stop salmon pads.
Headset's loose.
My Cannondale with their stock fork also does the same thing. Even moderate brake pressure at the lever causes the front wheel to skip off the ground while the fork probably moves about 1.5"-2" back at the fork tips. It happens with all of my wheels and only subsides when the rims are wet. I have sorta just stopped caring about it and have never crashed or washed out because of it. BTW my brakes are set up so that they don't really stop, but just slow the bike down, so it isn't a case of the brakes locking up the wheel.

Besides on pavement its kind of a neat trick to see how far the front wheel can skip.
i have same issue on my Giant. the best advice i have gotten so far is to change the lever actuation of the brakes. in simpler terms...move the cable stop from stem(in my case) or top of headset stack on most bikes. tektro makes a cable stop that mouts to the crown (most forks call this a fender mount hole) I have yet to install and proove or disproove its worth.
in previous trouble shooting i have loosened my front brake to just lock up as the lever hits the bars...takes some getting used to but is safer overall and allows me to drive thru most situations with WAAAAYY more control and confidence.
i will post once i have installed and ridden the new cable route.
-Peace on Dirt
EC90, FSA headset, Cane Creek brakes on a C'dale for me. I run lots of toe in and a very snug headset. No problems. Without this set-up, problems. The fork shudder thing comes up constantly. Just takes some fine tuning to sort out. Good luck...


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