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My CX bike has the Shimano br-r505 road mechanical disc brakes.  I feel like I have to squeeze the brake lever too far (pretty much all the way) to activate the brakes.  Any clues on a fix?  Also if anyone has tips on centering brake pads on a mechanical bike would be much appreciated.  I'm used to rim brakes.. disc brakes on the other hand...


Here's the link, but tips in general are appreciated too:


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this looks like the brake that has both adjustable pads right?  if so, disconnect the cable, loosen the mounting bolts.  Turn both pad adjusting screws in so that the pads are squeezing the rotor.  You are actually looking to set the rotor just slightly closer to the outboard (moving during operation) pad so loosen that screw and tighten the inboard pad screw until the rotor is being pinched and held just shy of center to the outboard position.  this means the caliper arm won't need to move as far to actuate the brake.  Also, it gives you more rotor to pad contact to the fixed pad.  once you have it centered this way, snug down the mounting bolts (alternate between and don't go super tight just yet, just tight enough to hold it in place). Back off the adjusting screws until the pads stop rubbing the rotor.  Keep the inboard (fixed) pad as close to the rotor as is possible.  connect the cable.  You may need to pull up a bit on the brake arm to clamp to the cable so that you're getting full spring tension of the brake arm on the cable.  This also sets the moveable pad a bit closer.  You should be able to work with the adjusting screws at this point.  It may not make quite right the first time but give it a few and you'll have it.  Once position and feel are right you can tighten the mounting bolts to torque and be on your way.  Hope that's helpful.  good luck

Thanks Jason, I really appreciate the advice.  I'll give it a try tonight and report back on how it went.


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