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On the US Cycling website license selection page it says that the MTB license includes Cyclo-Cross. Is this true? I thought you had to get a Road/Track/Cyclo-Cross license? Can someone clear this up for me? I am a noob and have never got a license before.


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In the past I believe you could only race on a road license, but last year I noticed that you could race on either a road or mtb.
It is just weird that on the following page after you select the mtb license, they have it listed as mtn cross and only cat 1-3 is available to select. Where is the cat 4? A little confusing!
Mountain Cross is a different type of racing entirely. Lumped in with dual slalom.

If you buy either a road or MTB license, you just need to specify a category on the first page for cyclocross.
it's been a long, long time since it was just road only. norba licenses were good way back. last year they moved to # categories for mtb instead of "sport" and "expert" but I've always felt the #s were a bit off with only 3 categories. I'll never ever be a cat 2 on the road but to call myself a cat 2 on fat tires just seems like i'm a poser. I'd guess most sport racers could not keep up with a cat 2 road field - expert seemed to me to be more aligned.

but talk it up. tell everyone you're a cat 3!


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