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So I have a new bike that is Apex equipped.  I was originally thinking that the cassette and rear derailleur need to go because nobody needs an 11-32 cassette on a cross bike, plus I'd save some weight.  I haven't changed it out yet, but the more I ride the bike, the more I'm thinking that a 32 might not be so bad.  It's nice not having to "double shift" in certain situations in which I normally would.   For example, if I'm in the big ring, I can slam it into the 32 and climb and not have to worry.  Does my train of thought make sense, or am I delusional?    Thanks!

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46/36... I guess I'm wondering if the upgrade is really worth it....
I ran a similiar gearing my first couple of races, and then brought that bike back out on a particulary wet, snowy, muddy course. I could ride up a few climbs that others where sliding and trying to mash up.

I'd say use it as is for now but if you want, I'll swap for a Force rear der and a 11-28 or 11-26 cassette.
Although I'd hesitate to go to the 46 - 32 combo. You may have the chain length to pull it off but the front der won't jump down until you go up a few jumps in the back. OR, if you do have the chain length to make that combo it may be so long it's prone to jump off on remounts and such. But I do follow your thinking and it's not so flawed.
I ride a campy single ring 42 with a IRD 12-32 cassette and the 32 will allow you to climb ANYTHING as long as you can keep the front wheel on the ground! Keep the big spread and enjoy the range....
I'm just going to stick with what i got this year.  Performance wise I won't miss out on much and the weight savings won't be "cost effective" right now....Working on some wheels though...
The only thing to be concerned about would be mud clearance with a larger tooth cassette. That cassette is also weighty. Perhaps for both mud control and SUBSTANTIAL weight savings.....Sram has the XX cassette. Light, durable, AND good clearances.


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