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I know this idea has gotten flack in the past, but hear me out.

I've been running specialized's XCP dropper post on the mtb and really am digging it.  27.2 post with 35mm of drop.  The action is quick as there is very little movement to it.  So this gets me thinking, this would be sweet on the cx bike.

Now, the lever would only fit on the tops of the bars and would keep it away from the brakes.  Having it on the tops in my mind would be poorly placed.

With the popularity of the 1x systems, we now have the room for cable pull where the front derailleur used to be.  You'd have to remove the ratchet system, but a sram front shifter would theoretically work.

Technical questions do arise though, could the post survive in the cx world?  Mainly thinking about the durability through the force applied during mounting.

Would the cable pull on a sram lever be enough to engage and disengage the post?

I'm sure there might be more roadblocks to this idea, but it would be a slick way of getting some added cornering/descending confidence in on the cx bike.  I'd be curious to hear if this idea might actually have traction/be feasable.  It is a large investment through the cost of the post and the cannibalization of a sram lever.

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Looks like the sram front shifter pulls 1.5 cm of cable while the dropper post lever only throws 1.25cm max and only requires half of that for engagement of the post.  Closer to reality!


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