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ok i have my dryer day wheels and tires worked out but i'm having prob's with my muddy day tires,

is it Dugast Rhynos or Vittorisa XM's? i can get the XM at cost or pay full boat $109 is the best i can find on the Dugasts, and if i go with the Rhyons are they worth the extra cost?

thanks for any input you can offer.


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Porsche GT2 or Volkswagen Beetle?
Go with Dugasts, you'll be railing corners and riding plush tires. They are hard to mount but worth the effort.
I have previously been in the one wheelset group, but decided to add a mud set of tires this year. I was able to hunt down a set of the XM's for less than one Rhyno...

I like the look and feel of the XM's, but as I haven't raced them at all much less in muddy conditions I can't speak to how well they perform.
I ran the 320tpi XMs last year (and will continue to) and here's my take.

Its a pretty good mud specific tire. Grips well but on dry surfaces it is pretty slow. The knobs are however, pretty small and shallow. I only got to use them for a few races so I didn't wear them down too much. My concern is it may become a useless tire once it wears to a point.

The new 320tpi casing is pretty good. Its head and shoulders above the old 290tpi casing. On top of that, its easy to glue and mount straight. Its not Dugast Supple, but supple enough. And you don't have to aquaseal the casing like you would have to on a dugast

That being said, I did buy some Rhinos for this season for a head to head comparison. I can get Vittorias cheap, but I have to pay full price for my Dugasts. I hope they are worth it, but I've got a hunch that they are.
hey Katsu thanks for the info i went XM's as i also get them at cost. how did you mount your rear tire opposite of the front?


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