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Has anyone purchased the eBay carbon disc tubulars advertised on the bottom left side of this forum? Any reviews would be appreciated. The quality of the unbranded Asian carbon rims can vary so I was hoping someone had some experiences to share. Thanks.

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I have been looking on Ebay for the same thing.  If any body has some info I'm also very interested!  Mostly build quality, hub quality and well just quality in general

i did a little unscientific research on ebay regarding carbon wheels from China. seller 2011cycling2011. I went into there history and pulled seller reviews from their feedback. I then sent ebay messages to 5 buyers of the wheels. Got 4 responses; 1] great wheelset 2] not as pretty as zipps but ride fine 3] light cheap and really fast shipping. got mine in Texas in 6 days 4] Got mine in a weeks time, really nice wheels/ Smooth and comfortable to ride all day. couldn't be happier and set a new TT personal best on a course i had done many times. I would certainly buy them again.

So, not sure what company the wheels you are talking about are from but try to find a few buyers in the sellers history and see what the users have to say.

I have heard that a few of these companies use the old molds from Zipp and Reynolds but of course i have no idea what truth there is to that and i certainly do not believe it just because someone said it. : )

Let us all know if you go for them and how it turns out.

I've purchased carbon clinchers from FarSports (dealt with them directly) & have been very happy with them (Basalt brake track, 60mm, etc). I've been considering another set with discs, if only to justify acquiring (n+1) a disc cross-bike. Desire however exceeds paycheck, so that's on hold for a while....

There is a whole board of folks who dabble in the open mold frame/direct from factory carbon experience - and the Moderator of the board (Killerbee) posted this reply to a question a day or two ago on eBay carbon wheel sets.

Good luck !

Checking out 2011cycling2011 tubulars and they all have brake tracks. FarSports has them without but a lot more expensive. This would be my first foray into carbon and tubulars. Any concerns about removing the glue and effecting the epoxy? Could that be a factor in cheaper layups?


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