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are Egg Beaters the pedal of choice? I've been riding some old spd's that are mechanically sound, but I do find that I struggle to click in if I don't hit it just right...

Wondering if the egg beater is easier to engage during a remount.


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I would also be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on this topic.

I'm currently running SPD's and I like that I can get out of them really easily from multiple angles and the big target for my foot when remounting.

How does the eggbeater compare when trying to disengage?
I've never gone down from disengagement problems from crank bro's pedals. In fact I'm often surprised when I'm able to unclip so quickly, it's saved me in many a muddy corner.
I love my eggbeaters, I switched from spd's a couple of years ago and will never go back.

we should have a pretty in-depth article on this (most pedals, and switching to a different setup) in issue 6, but that's a ways away. but as someone who's switched between the two, it's not quite as easy to find a beater coming from spds - but like with anything, practice helps. disengagement is easy, smooth, without the positive click though, and perhaps a more of a release angle (you can adjust this by swapping the cleats from right to left).

of course, the disengagement is more consistent as it gets sloppy compared to spds - they're not as affected by mud and organic matter. the lack the adjustments of spds though, in terms of tension. it it often sloppy where you are? if so, and if you don't bring a pit bike and crew, it could be a good choice.
best choice is old school pedals, just try it before you dismiss it outright....singlespeed has it's advantages as well, if you find the right gearing that is,
I gotta put in a vote for Crankbrothers Candly SL, I have them on all three of my cx bikes...easy in-out and nice platform
Get egg beaters. Don't know what the condition are like in your part of the country, but in mud, sand, snow, ice or all three, you'll not be able to clip in SPD's. Egg's will always work. I think they are just as difficult to clip into, especially if you're trying to get used to them. I've had 8 years of SPD muscle memory to overcome when I got the eggs. They are different as far as how you have to hit the cleat on the pedal but you'll get it.
what i gotta do to convince you people, don't clip in..ride free and react fast... the whole issue of extra push/pulll from clipping in is actually a muscle memory thing too, fixed gear training should have taught you this...i have literature somewhere that actually backs this up, it's not just grant from rivendell, although he's no slouch , he don't race...
Eggbeaters. Switched from SPD's a few years ago and now use only eggbeaters - road, singlespeed cx, and mountain. I find that eggbeaters have a smoother, more consistent release and of course better engagement when mucked up. Aslo lighter (per $) and great clearance. Cooler looking to boot! Just need to use a decent shoe.


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