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I am planning on buying some... any tips or advice? 

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Mad Alchemy makes great stuff, I'm sure there are others. When you use it, be sure to put your shorts on first then embrocate, you don't want to get any on your chamois. Wash your hands well and dry off with a towel that won't get used by someone else that may wipe their eyes or face with it.
Mad Alchemy. Are there any others worthy of consideration? I think not!
Good tips. My general recommendation is get a small towel, a spray bottle and fill it with alcohol. Alcohol is the only thing that will remove embro. Water just reactivates it.

Use is sparingly and in training first. You may have an allergic reaction or it just may be really hot.

It's not a substitute for clothing. It works in 'cross because you're going to warm yourself up within a minute of the start. But don't do four hour road rides in short and balm.

I find it pretty handy to put a bit on my lower back.

I like Sportsbalm and have for some time. Medium is all you need. The next step up is emergencies only.
Cool... Thanks for the tips.. I am only thinking of using for the upcoming race series. Good Luck to everyone this season!!
I use Sportsbalm Medium and Mad Alchemy "Russisch Thee" flavor. The latter smells Christmassy and less medicinal (thus, less likely to piss off your SO). However, the MA product gets runny at room temperature, which makes application a mess. Sportsbalm stays jelled--which is critical, since you dont want embro dripping into sensitive body spots or leaking out of the jar into your gear.
Northwestkneewarmers is very good as well... Sportbalm gets a few good reviews.

Am looking to get some Mad Alchemy soon...


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