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I just ordered some Empella Cantis for my Ridley and attempted to install them this afternoon. My only problem, one of the bushings is too tight to slide on the canti frame/fork post. Is this something that is common? All three other cantis slide on and off any four of my frame/fork posts easily but there is one stubborn one. I ordered these buggers from France and it is difficult to say the least to get anyone there to return my email. I have access to a milling machine if anyone can tell me the correct tolerances that the bushing should be? Any ideas? Thanks!

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If it makes you feel any better, 2 of my bushings are so loose that I can move them almost 1mm each way by hand. 1 year old.

Anyone know if you can get replacement bushings from another company that fit the Empellas?
120 grit sand paper...... put it on the appropriate sized wooden dowel and do a little sanding on your bushing , or do you canti stud.....
Got a message from Cyclocrossworld that the bushings for Froggleggs are not available (though they do sell the springs).


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