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Experience or opinions with Mavic Reflex or Velocity Escape rims for cross?



I'm thinking of building a wheelset with 32-hole Chris King Classic hubs I already have, 3X DT competition spokes and either Velocity Escape or Mavic Reflex rims. ! weigh 190lbs. I've had great experience with Open Pro clinchers. Any reason to worry about the strength of the Reflex or Escape rims?





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I have not used the escape, however, the mavic reflex time and time again has proven itself with double eyelets, light weight and easy build ups. It's brake track is machined and the seam is welded, not pinned therefore, less brake shudder. If you were to consider any tubular alloy rim for cross from velocity, the Major Tom, despite it's 430 weight penalty is well worth its weigh in gold for its 23mm width and better tracking on off camber straightaways. It might suite your weight better too for a season long, durable rim.
Thanks, Joey. These hubs are currently built with CXP33 rims, which have been bomber, and are still pretty light--comparable in weight to the Major Tom, which sounds like a better option than the Escape. And I'm glad to hear your take on the Reflex. Hard call between the two, although durability might trump super-light weight.
my race wheels are built with 28h velocity escapes and im about 210lbs and theyre still true and run really nice for a cheaper tubular wheelset, so id reccomend the velocitys, good luck!
I have a set of reflexes on King cross hubs and they are very durable wheels. Braking in spot on and they build up nice. Plenty strong for cross.

Hey Joel,

Can I ask how much you weigh?

Sorry for the delay... 160 lbs.


I like my Escapes so much I am building up another pair and a half of them for different tread options.  Been running them for the last year + with 34 Grifos and haven't had any problems in a 32 3x set-up.  Granted I am 170 lbs, but they have been bombproof for me and pretty light.  I plan to lace up another full set within the next few weeks and then probably build an extra rear so I have options.
The Velocity Escape rims rock. I know of some 200+ lb riders who use them as a daily rider on their commute (yeah I know ... tubulars to commute on  but that's what one of them does). If you want a slightly wider profile check out the Velocity Major Toms.


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