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I'm considering picking up a set of the Reynolds Assault Tubular wheels...I believe they are new this year to the Reynolds wheel line up. They come in a lot cheaper than the DV46 Tubulars (lighter, but otherwise a similar design I believe). This will be my first experience with riding tubular wheels for cross, so any insights would be appreciated!



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Have you looked at the Neuvation C50 carbon tubular wheels set? I got a set this season and have been using them for road till cross season , then they will be my dry day wheels set. They are just a bit heaver then the Reynolds and you can get a set of C50 for dry days and a set of R tubulars for muddy days and still come in less than the Reynolds!
Take a look!
I'll check out the neuvations - thanks. Based on the comment in your post, would you not use a wheel with a deeper rim for muddy days? I was thinking that I would be able to use the Assaults in all conditions.
i did not want to use the carbon wheels in a real mudder to save the brake track. but alot of people do so it must not be to bad on them. and the CX mag did a test and found that the deeper rim didn't do anything for you in deep sand? but it would keep mud off the rim so you did not have to carry the weight around!
I'm going to disagree with Dan on the Neuvations, they are flexy, spokes break easily, they do not tension up well when trued, and the hubs are not of good quality. Sorry Dan.
Reynolds rims are great, the rear hubs on the lower end wheels are not so great, even when they are new and your put a lot of torque on the wheel, you can hear and feel a little grinding or something that doesn't happen with good quality hubs. As race wheels that isn't all that important, you probably won't use them enough to find out if that lower quality hub will translate into long term durability issues. What sinks Reynolds as being good cross wheels for me is the internal spoke nipples. Road tires take less time to glue and pulling off a clincher and rim tape isn't that big of a deal, so I highly recommend their clinchers and tubular wheels for road racers. But gluing on cross tires takes much longer, you could lose two weekends of racing on the wheels just because you need to true the wheel, in a short cross season that's a big deal.
no worrys Shane is that first hand data from you? all the review's that i read before oredering them was good even cross guys in the mud. and as for internal sploke nipples what do you do if you do need to true up a wheel? tire has to come off bummer!!!
On the other hand, I went through an entire cross season using these wheels (DV46Cross) fairly often (6-8 times) and never needed to true them.


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