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Hi everyone!

If you read my column today (The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo), you know I am all about thanking my dad for getting me into cycling. Do you have any good "dad stories" about cycling to share, or a dad to thank? Or are you a dad who's getting a kid into cyclocross? I'd love to hear about it, I'm putting together a salute to cyclocross fathers for this Sunday!

(Pictures are great too.)


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Fantastic article, Molly!
Thank you so much! I had great inspiration.
You should consider yourself very lucky. I only endeavor to be a far better example and guide for my son than my father ever was for me. To that end, in approach of his third birthday I already have him playing on a walk-about bike and look forward to carting him to a Chicago CX cup race or two this fall. We'll see.

I know how lucky I am!

And it sounds like your son is pretty lucky too- love those walkabout bikes! (Is he going to do the little Belgians races?)

If he sees it and see's the bigger kids doing it he will jump right in; zero concern for injury. He is way more out going and head strong than I ever was at that age. He is more like I am now. His mother and I will have an orthopedic group on speed dial most certainly.

Yeah... it was because my eldest son gave me the kick in the pants to finally commit to racing 'cross. And I've had a blast at it, met some very cool, good people. Thank you, LCpl. James Kimple.


As well my middle son, Jovid, said he'd race last season with me (my first ful season) after never racing anything before and not riding more than 7-10 miles in a long, long time. I really enjoyed having him out there with me. So thank you, too, Jovid Kimple.


Now I'm hooked. No time to train but I'm looking forward to getting out there and suffering in a few months!



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