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I'm thinking of setting up a set of wheels with file tire. Probably Tufo tubulars. I'm in New Mexico and it's pretty dry here. Any thoughts?

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Sounds good.  It's bone dry where I am and they simply roll better.   You'd be bucking the fashion trend though and no doubt someone will make it sound like running file tread is somehow wrong.  Don't believe em!

Hey Jerry, I had a set of Tufo Pro Dry set up for the last 2 seasons, used them 1.5 races in 2009, none last year. The Cubus hooks up better in sand, and we don't have many courses without sand. So that tells you how useful I think they are in NM. For a second or third set of wheels you might consider a tire for conditions outside of NM (i.e. - grass and/or mud). My third wheelset will have Clement PDX for that reason.


If you like, I'll sell you the barely used Pro Dry's.

I guess I have several questions for you, John...

1. What do you think are the ideal tires for NM?

2. What do you think might be the optimum tire for Nationals? Since average daytime temps are about 22F, I'm thinking mud will not be an issue. It could be really fast and hard.

3. How much for the dry's?





1.Depends on the course, on most of our courses the issue is sand, upon which mud tires seem to hook up pretty well. Whatever the tire is though, it'd be best for it to be one of the tubeless tubulars like a Clement or Tufo, so that sealant works better (for the goatheads). I wound up on Cubus' for most of the races in the last couple years.


2. I'd have to see the course. Last time I raced on snow and ice was 2003 and I used Michelin Mud clinchers. I think if it's really hard and icy then maybe a file tread, if it's soft & slushy then a mud tire like the PDX. If we get frozen ground but no snow & ice, then probably an all-conditions tire like a Grifo.


3. I dunno, I'll see if I remember to bring them to La Cueva and you can look at them and tell me what they're worth.


So, I guess my overall point is what we've always known: Own tires for all conditions you might face, bring 'em all to the races that matter. Or, since not many New Mexicans go to nationals, borrow what you think you might need. Even though I haven't been to nationals since 2007, at least one of my wheelsets has gone ever year since then.

Can't make it to La Cueva...working. I'll get back to you later about the tires. Thanks for the input.

So, now it looks as though I will make it to La Cueva. If you could bring them, I'd appreciate it. I'll check my price for new ones. See you then.




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