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challenge limus/vittoria mastik/belgian tape

used 3 coat technique from various 'net sources with acid brushes.

Hey! that wasn't so bad. Then i had to mount the tubes....

how much do i stretch them? Darn, glue everywhere, nooo i am off center, shoot dirt on glue , more glue on feet and hands.

finally whew! Then OHNO big lump at the stem. maybe it'll be ok.

Nope, bump,bump,bump even on grass.

rest for week, buy more beer. pry tube off with tire irons, use shaft of screwdriver to roll tube off tire. Base tape stayed on rim! 

remove 2 inches tape from valve area one coat glue to both rim and tube. here we go.

Really stretch tube at stem area, sh*t glue on hands feet, arms face, wrestle rest of tube on, man that is sticky, got tube centered by stretching hard and placing tube right where i wanted it, doubt i could move it once positioned. inflate to 50 psi and rest overnight.

Hallelujah! no lump stuck on like , well , really stuck on. Rides like butter! no worrying about burps now!

now i'm thinking, why did i glue limus'. its bone dry in upstate NY now.. then i saw, wtf " baby limuses"

i want to cry ........... or buy another set of rims!

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I feel your pain. I had a similar experience last season. If I weren't so stubborn/determined I would have given up and hired someone! Funny story, although not at the time I'm sure. Good luck on the next ones! I feel like you are going to have a very muddy season, you will not regret having the Limus's!
Google couldn't find a good explanation for curing the bump so I thought I'd get my cure (stretching and trimming the tape) out there. Besides sharing the little tricks with the community beats just reading about merchandise for sale.
But I have no doubt there'll be mud sometime.
First race of 2014 this Sunday at Knox Farm near buffalo. It's reputed to be very grassy and not very technical .

Forecast is for a wet weekend - excellent!
I've never seen the appeal to tape, I've always had great luck with letting the tires stretch on a pair of dry rims for as long as I can, I went to my lbs and asked them to give me a call if they were ever scraping a set of old tubular rims so now I have a set of very dented mavic reflex for stretching. Then I do a coat on each rim and tire every 24hrs and then a skim coat on the tires before I roll them on. I put a flattened cardboard box down on the ground so nothing picks up dirt and wear nitryl gloves from an automotive store. Have never rolled a tubular.


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