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Hey everyone, hoping I can have some tips and tidbits on what I should know with my first CX disc bike. 

Quick primer: I've been racing road for almost three decades, but only just got into CX (finally) about three years ago. It was like a heavenly light from the cycling gods descended upon me and screamed "Your an idiot! You should have done CX years ago!!! ...I absolutely love it. So after riding my canti-equipped Wilier carbon cross for three years of hard riding and training, I sold it and made the jump to discs just yesterday. I needed a slightly smaller frame anyways, and as much as I was resisting, I was having a lot of trouble drinking the "canti's are good enough for Sven so they're good enough for you" Kool-aid. I didn't have a cache' of cross wheels yet (not even on tubulars yet!), I needed a slightly smaller bike, and I can't help but think maybe discs are the way the sport is going...

But now my mind is spinning with questions. 

What don't I know about racing with discs? What should I practice specific to discs? How does racing with discs effect your dismount? Am I going to brand my calf if I biff under my ride on a slippery slope? Mechanical or hydraulic?    

What small tips help my equipment run best on race day? etc. etc.etc. 

I know this could probably be an entire thread (didn't see it if it is, so apologies if this is already covered somewhere), but any help and advice from my more experienced CX brothers and sisters would be sincerely appreciated....

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