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thanks for the past help and info.  will be racing ss at sun prairie sunday.  this is my first race.  any quick pointers, other than ride hard and have fun?

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Use it as a learning experience. Pay close attention to the start so you can learn how to get to the front better by your next race. I wouldn't worry too much about the holeshot on your first race.  Don't blow yourself up and ride within your ability.  The first lap is frantic but it relaxes after that.  EVERYONE is riding faster than they want to so don't get stuck thinking that will be the pace the whole time.  Find your rhythm and stick to it. If you're feeling strong into the second lap, give it go and see who you can pass; if not, just maintain a steady, consistent effort. Use the entire race to learn good etiquette, find your strengths (cornering, barriers, longer uphills), and see how the other riders handle themselves. This part is just my opinion, but gauge yourself so that you can go all out on the last half of the last lap; that will let you know how hard into the red you can go at the end and who knows, maybe you'll take back a couple more positions. If you blow up too early, you'll never know what you could have done at the end.  Just my thoughts. Don't overthink it and enjoy.

Good advice by Jason!

I just rode my first race two weeks ago and I'll be doing my second on Sunday.

Just like Jason mentioned, I rode pretty hard on the first lap and half way through the race I was blown.

Didn't help that it was sunny and 75 degrees!

One thing that I think slowed me down was the fact that a lot of the race was on grass and my tires may have been at too high PSI for those conditions. Riding the grass was like riding over a giant washboard. My headset had pretty much rattled loose by the end.

One piece of advice I can add from experience would be to note that tire pressure really is important! Set it as low as you think you can get away with without getting a pinch flat.

Good luck!



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