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100 bucks youre wearing spandex by the end of the is very addicting....I bet youve already gone on ebay or craigs list to look for a used cross bike...admit it youre hooked....submit to the peer pressure!
wow, yes. I've looked at craigslist, ebay and bikesdirect and just about every major bike companies website at cross bikes.
Not sure if I should go single speed (Felt Breed $950) or geared which cost a bit more. Any advice? I would like to do this as cheap as possible and I know it's dumb, but a bike with some color is important to me. I hate simple black or simple white bikes.
Any yes I'm addicted. I keep searching new cx sites, wish there was a huge list of them somewhere.
Nope, you're just supposed to spend all your time here.
I knows its not fashionable to suggest this but bikesdirect has some really awesome bikes for a price you can't beat. Even more unfashionable is to be seen riding a bike from there, such as the Motobecane Phantom Cross Pro I picked up from them this spring as I started riding to prepare for my first season riding cyclocross this fall. Even the LBS had to admit it was an awesome value while giving me grief for buying a bike online instead of through them. I say buy the most value you can the first bike and then let the LBS earn your dollars for your next bike by giving you great service, which mine has been doing rather well. One thing though: If you don't know what size bike you need though.. go local and let them fit one for you. Better to over pay and enjoy the bike than to save money on a bike that doesn't if you because you're going to have to buy another one. From everything I read the 'real' serious guys use two bikes anyway so buying a high value bike and using it as your pit bike later makes sense.
Vel-o-swap!! Velo-o-swap! Also, look at CL in other cities. Relative to the cost of a bike, the shipping is not that bad.
Wow, had no idea such a thing existed. Vel-o-swap indeed. Looks awesome, thankfully my pocketbook shall not be attending or I would get in trouble fast..
I don't think there is anything wrong with suggesting Bikes Direct. If you're comfortable knowing your size and have some basic mechanical skills, it can be a good, budget conscious choice.

And if anyone in the area of Eastern PA should check out the flea market coming up at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center (AKA T-Town Velodrome). In addition to the amazing deals, folks like Bobby Julich have been known to be hanging around.


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