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For sale I have my "intended" spare bike wheel set. I say intended because I never built a spare bike. As such I never rode this wheel set. I mounted the tires last fall and test rode them around a park by my house. Since then they have been in a Zipp wheel bag.

- 2011 Zipp 303 tubulars (Zipp aero skewers included)

- Shimano

- Clement PDX tubulars (glued with Vittoria Mastik 1 and ridden less than 1 hour)

Everyone knows the retail of the 303's and the Clement PDX's. Other than being in a shop these wheels are essentially new. I am asking $1300.

Let me know if anyone has any questions!


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Wanted to bump this. Like new Zipp 303's with Clement PDX's mount on them for $1300. These would retail for DOUBLE that with tax!!!

I'm interested in wheels for my road bike.  I had a set of Zipp 303s stolen that I'd like to replace.  I think yours are similar and might be just what I'm looking for.  Are they still available?

Dan in Los Angeles - 310.633.1500


Sorry to hear about the theft. I had it happen to me last summer...road bike, a pair of 808's, and a Zipp disc!!!

Yes, the wheels are still available! Let me know if you want them.


Do you still have these?  Are they the Firecrest version? Not to be to picky, I just want to clarify that the tires AND wheels are new?  




I do still have them! They are NOT the Firecrest version. I bought them brand new mid year last year through a team Zipp deal (rode for a Zipp sponsored). Do not apologize for asking questions about the condition! I too am VERY picky about my equipment...VERY!!!

The wheels and the tires are brand new!!! As I mentioned in the original post I mention I rode them in a park adjacent to my house to confirm a solid glue job. This ride was maybe 20 minutes long!!! It involved no mud or bad conditions...just cornering on grass!!!

These wheels are brand new!!! Let me know if you're still interested.


Am interested in the Zipp 303s if they are the new wider version and if the PDXs pass as "33s" under the UCI rules.




These wheels are NOT Firecrest, but they are the pre-Firecrest updated wider version. Additionally, the PDX's are labeled "33's" and from everything I have read (and from another pair I have) I understand their manufacturing process is different from other companies (Dugast, etc...) and lends itself to consistent tire width. That being said, these were back-up bike wheels I have not used or measured them to be certain.

Let me know if you're still interested or have any further questions!


Am definitely interested.  Do they have a Shimano/SRAM freewheel?  I can send you a PM.






Unfortunately I cannot move on the price. This money is being used to fund other bike purchases. The "boss", AKA my wife, has been very clear that I need to replace every penny I spend!!!

As you know, these wheels with the PDX's would retail for AT LEAST $1000 more. That is probably a low ball figure!

Let me know if you're still interested!


Sounds fair. I sent you a friend request to work out the details.




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