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SOLD : Schwinn 2007 CX Fastback Frame NOS and Vuelta Corsa 700cc Wheelset-New- $255 + Shipping

For Sale:

I purchased the frame and wheel set intending to assemble a CX bike but changed my mind.

Both items are new, and description as follows.

Frame: Schwinn 2007 CX Fastback frame- no fork,headset. Size Medium, I measured  from bottom bracket to top of seat post tube it measured 19 inches, . This is a New Old Stock frame. Also included is seat post clamp (new) and a Ritchey 31.8 seat post. I will include the seat post with purchase of frame,wheel set, the seat post is used but like new.

Wheel Set-

Vuelta Corsa 700cc , with Skewers, and I will include 2 Inner tubes/700-32 size,new.

$255 + shipping. I would like to sell both units together. Won't separate unless this does not sell in a period of time. I appreciate you looking and email me using my supplied email if you have any questions and to purchase.

bikeva at

Note: Payment by check or US Postal Money Order, sorry , No Paypal

As far as the technical specifications of the frame and wheel set, if you email me, I will try to reply with what Info I can supply you from the manufacturer.

Thanks!  I am located in South Central Virginia.


Frame measurements

Top Tube 20.5"  / Drop Out 18" / Down Tube 24"

Back up for sale, interested buyer declined.


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Hi Bruce,

Interested in this, would you a) be willing to ship to UK and b) have a link to the geometry?  Just wondering if it might be a little too short for me.


Hi Marty, thank you for the interest. I guess I should have made provision in my advertisement about shipping outside of the Continental USA. I did edit my ad to correct that. My apology.

That being said, I would be willing to ship to you, providing you pay the difference in what I allotted in shipping , to your location in UK. I could get your address, and take packages to the UPS to determine total rate. Would that be agreeable to you?

Let me seek that link, I don't think I have a link per se with frame geometry, only complete bike specs.

Am linking to a review in, gives some info, but not frame geometry.

If I can't find it, will take the frame to local bike shop and have them professionally measure it.

Also, they state the seatpost is 31.6, on the frame I have its 31.8.


Hi Bruce, yep paying the difference not a problem.

Sounds good so far, I've been doing a bit of searching but been unable to find a geometry chart either!  Its most the effective top tube that I'd like to know.




I took the bike frame to a bike shop and the owner measured the frame , here are the measurements in inches.

Top Tube = 20.5"

Drop Out = 18"

Downtube = 24"

Seatpost  = 19"  which converts roughly to 50cm, however at the shop, I compared the CX frame to a 49cm road bike frame and the CX frame was taller.

I also had the cartons estimated at a local UPS shipping stop off, and changed my initial ad , the shipping now is not included with the sale, I am sorry, but I will have to take the cartons to a larger terminal to find out the total cost to ship to you in the UK. I can do that next week if you wish, so you will have an idea.

Anyways, thanks, and let me know.

Good Morning!!!  Is this still for sale?



Hi Brian

Yes, its still for sale. If you are interested in purchasing and live in the USA, post your ZipCode, and I can give you an estimate of UPS shipping costs.

Thank you.

My zip is 38654, but I can email you a fedex express or ground air bill as i work for fedex.  Price still $255.00?



Yes, the frame and wheel set is $255. If you wish, I can give you the dimensions on the two packages, of course both are oversized.

If you wish to finalize the purchase, let me know, and I will mark this ad Sold Pending Funds.
Mainly, I want you to be happy with this sale and the items I am selling.

My email at should be in my profile. Will supply you with all my contact info.

It is a very nice frame, and would rather see some one using it, than it lanquishing at my house.
Thank you, and will be on lookout for your correspondence.


Sorry for the long delay, yes please send me the dimensions have a great day.




If you are going to purchase these items, would you please post "I'll take it" or such, as I have these items advertised in other bike forums. A formality, no pressure, but if you are purchasing , a safeguard from some one else speaking up before you.

That said, here are the dimensions:

Wheelset boxed

30.5"L x 25.5"H x 8" W - approx 10 lbs.

Frame boxed

42"L x 20" H x 8" W - approx 6 lbs.

My email address          bikeva at

Located in Virginia.

Thanks !

Bruce PM sent to you.




Frame ,Wheelset still for sale.


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