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Im building a new bike with a salsa chilli con crosso frame and alpha q cx20 fork, sram rival group and KORE Parts everywhere else. Im looking for input on how to do the front cable stop. Has anyone tried the mount off the stem bold, and how did it work out? It seems like the more forward mount might encourage shutter. Right now Im leaning towards a long drop steer tube mount but open to other ideas. Also I can't do the fork mount as there is no mount hole

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I ended up drilling a hole in my stem (!) which I epoxied a brass tube into, then threaded my cable housing onto the brass tube. It worked well all of last season, no cracks or wear at all.
I'm running Avid Shorty 4's, and I use a long drop hanger, with two thin spacers below it, so it sits just high enough to clear everything below. What got this working well for me is small piece of inflexible tube (sort of like cable housing) that bends at about 45 degrees, above the hanger. On the bottom side of the hanger, I have a 3 inch piece of clear tubing that keep all the muck from running up into the brake above. I switched out the Avid straddle hanger for a BX one from FLY, because it has a bolt where the cable runs back up to the lever, so you can make minor adjustments and get the brake working perfectly. The FLY hanger also has the bonus of being a a tiny hunk of aluminum, so it won't rust from mud and water like the cheap steel ones.

I've had this same setup for two seasons and I've never had an issue. My brakes work fantastic.

Emil: That's a clever work around, no doubt, but drilling a hole i my stem would make me nervous.


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