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I'm selling these for an unfortunate soul who tried cyclocross approximately one time and didn't dig it.
Here are the details:
-Original hub shells and skewers, built up with new (NOS) rims, spokes, nipples, and ceramic bearings
-Freehub body has minimal scoring
-28 rear/26 front
-Challenge Grifos 32s have one race on them and were glued, taped, and aquasealed
-I see that a valve stem is slightly angled on one wheel
-If you weigh a lot of pounds you will probably destroy them
They look cool.  They're all set.  Boom, you're ready to race and that's it and it's only February.

These are somewhat unique so I have no idea what they are worth.  If these are checking boxes for you, please contact me and we can figure out a price.  I can tell you that he has $500 into the whole thing.  Ideally you then offer that or something below that, I counter with something higher than what you just offered, then you counter, then I make up some bullshit about someone else being interested and stand firm on my counteroffer, then we go back and forth and waste a shitload more time, the world spins and days go by like sands through the hourglass of a cyclocross soap opera, or you just offer something reasonable and I say "ayup".

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We need to get these things outta here. $350 plus shipping.

I'm in at $200 shipped.

where are you at on the price, have these sold yet? If you're reasonable lets talk. I'm not a lowballer, but  I'm thinkg 250ish?


Homie...^ these were posted 1.5yrs ago...

No shit "homie" why don't you MYOFB? 

I've already discussed with the OP. If you're a buyer act.... if you're a forum troll butt out.

These have been sold.


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