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I'm doing the SS race on Sunday at Nationals and was curious as to what gear people are running. I'm rolling a 42-20 but have no idea how effective this will be. Advice?

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Way too slow unless it's muddy. Something in the 42 - 18-16 range is what you need, depending on how good a climber you are. I'll be going with a 42-17. Can give you a 16 T if you feel you're hard enough.
If the course stays dry and tacky I'll be running 42:18.

I'll be riding a white and red Cannondale setup w/ a singulator. Stop by and say hi.
I take it all back. I didn't make it in time to sign up for the race, but I rode two practice laps on my 42:17 SS and my legs were seriously hurtin' Had to stand up nearly all the way up the hill.

There were people running 42:24, so 42:20 should have been fine.
Man, I'm glad I went with my gut. The 42-20 worked out well for me. It was hard enough to keep a good pace up the hill and seemed to be the right choice. I spun it out on the pavement but it felt like that lap was 3/4 climbing so I'm glad to have had it. Thanks to everyone who replied and I'm sorry I didn't track you all down at the race. Enjoy your off-seasons!
That's too funny. I finished directly in front of you (26) and was riding a 42x24. Spin spin spin! I can't imagine pushing a 42x20 on that course.

That is funny, It was pretty much a steady grind for me, no variation in tempo. You dangled so close but not close enough to catch and I was trying! However, the gear seemed to help me move up from last place on the line, so I'll take it. I've never raced CX SS before, so it was an interesting experience. Good times.
i was able to get faster as the race went on, given the easier gear. at least that is how it felt. i was pretty stuffed at the start from M35 the day before. That hurt.

The big drawback to the spinny gear is that you can't come back from any kind of crash or bobble. I got taken out on the first corner, while sitting in like 15th. No coming back from that. Those 15 seconds were gone forever.

This was my third SS race, so I still err on the side of too easy, cause I am scared poopless of getting out there and just dieing on a huge gear. Of course, I will never be any good at SS until I man up and own the gear. At least with an easy gear it will be a fun race, lots of resting!


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