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Hey, new on forums but long time rider. I pretty much have been using my old Kelly cross to pull my daughter around on trail-a-bike last few years with my Steelman being my primary ride. Decided to build the Kelly into a SS and have ordered a WI Eno and some 180 cranks. I live in a very hilly area and was thinking of running a 32/16 or even an 18. I see the racers running much taller gearing but i just dont see myself getting up an 8 or 10 percent prolonged climb with a setup like that. Any advice appreciated.

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Hey Noah, thanks for joining our gang of misfits :-D

Are you planning on cx / off-road use with this bike, or is it just for riding on the road?

All trail use. About 50/50 fire-roads and single track. Most of the trails around here are either climbs or descents - very little flat. Many of the climbs are 1500-2000 ft and I'd like to have a gear that allows me to make these. I see WI makes a double freewheel (Eno DOS) with 16/18 or 17/19 combos. Leaning that direction.

I think you're on the right track with the DOS freewheel. If you want real versatility, get the DOS Freewheel in 16/18 and pair that with a 34/32 ring setup on the front.

You'll have a good spread of a stiffer gear for fire roads and lower for singletrack while keeping the same chain length.


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