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Anyone have a Cyclocross bike setup they would like to share that is relatively bullet-proof?  Criteria are: 1. Low maintenance over time  2. Has not broken down over multiple races (even in muddy/ snowy conditions).  Thanks for sharing!

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I would love to make cross my focus.. but am wondering how to do that.  I commonly hear, cross is good to do when the road season is out.  Maybe that is a perception that needs to be changed?  Longterm I think cross is more viable.  Crashing is a fact of road racing and not a pleasant one.  Much better to crash in sand or dirt!


The plus side for my road team is all the support I get (and pay for).  I have two coaches and a really disciplined team.  I don't sense that same support structure for 'cross where I live, around NYC.

you guys make it look easy. great work to anyone that does this sport...its not as easy as it might appear. i dont ride but i love the endurance.   :)


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