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i know the TCX has gone from frameset to fully equipped bike. i've done plenty of research on it and i see alot of happy racers/owners, but i see very few in races.

i am pretty sure i will get one but have been searching the usual alternatives along with the few shops around here. i am thinking of getting the 2010 TCX 2 after the season is over and hope to find a deal....but i've seen the older models around and was wondering how the 2009 and 2008 comparable models compare. seems the 2008 frame has a more radical geometry (sloping tube) than the newer model. looking at a used (barely) 2008 that's going for $500+...worth it?

any opinions, insights?

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p.s. i can see a difference between the 08 and 09 frames....but is there much between the 09 and 10?
09 and 10 are the same frame, different paint.

I have two 09/10 generation TCX frames. The rear end is a little bit soft when I'm doing workouts on the road with road tires but I do not notice it while I am racing. Many people say having a too stiff of a frame can actually be slower in cross because it will break traction in soft corners. So I'm not too worried.

Fork is a little heavy since its carbon leg, aluminum crown and steerer. Unfortunately, you can't swap it out at the moment since the fork is 1 1/8"-1 1/4" tapered. I'm sure there is a bearing with a 47mm OD and 28.6 ID 45x45 so you can use a straight 1 1/8" fork but I'm too lazy to look through the TH bearing catalog.

There is loads of mud clearance at the fork and so-so in the rear. There is plenty of clearance between the tire and the seattube, but the side clearance is a little lacking, especially if you use a 34 tire. with a 32 its not much of an issue. There's plenty of crank room to make the stays wider for the next generation which there are prototypes out there right now (seen under Kelli Emmett.)

The bottom bracket is low but not too low where you hit your pedals. Makes for a nice and responsive bike. The front triangle is a bit small but I can deal with it. Looks like the new prototypes have a less sloping toptube

Complete weight wise, I'm at around 18. '10 Campy Centaur all around, TRP EuroX carbon, Reynolds DV46 Cross, Quarq CinQo. I'm sure I can shed some weight by getting rid of my powermeter and garmin, lighter seatpost and bars and definitely a lighter fork (if I can find the bearing)
appreciate that load of info...very helpful indeed. all those possible red flags/weakenesses are not a concern for me.

looking for nominal out-of-the-box lightness...21 pounds or less (at this point).

got a shot at the older 2008 model, barely used (medium size) at around $600...a bit over the top or just right?

i know upgrades can come later, but how are the stock components? i see you are elite...heck, i'm barely 2 weeks into my first season, so i am a true Cat4...raced my first on a 1990 steel schwinn....that says enough

almost wish i didn't by the Defy a few months ago, but it's another machine and i love it. sticking with Giant
Whats on the 08 model for $600?
nabbed off the giant archive site...looks like it's all stock...and pretty much unridden...

seatpost formulaOne Composite
saddle Selle Royal Viper
pedals Shimano PD-M505
derailleur Shimano Sora front, Tiagra rear
brakes Avid Shorty 4
levers Shimano Sora w/safety levers
shifters Shimano Sora
cassette SRAM PG950 11-28T 9-speed
chain Shimano HG-73
cranks FSA Vero compact, 34 / 50
bb BB-7420
rims Xero XSR-4
hubs Xero XSR-4
spokes Xero XSR-4
tires Kenda Kwik, 700x30
$600 he is ripping you off. New he probably paid $750. Today a new sora equipped bike will only cost you $700-750.
actually, it would be more like $580 (with shipping)...but i am close enough to make the 2 hour+ ride to shave/save (on shipping)... still (not) worth it? so that would be $500 (if no one bids on it... )

seller said it was more like 23 pounds. w/o the pedals.

thinking i might just wait and find a used one still in solid shape for a few hundred less...

thanks again for your comments and advice
They're a popular frame here in the UK and quite often seen in the top ten in my cross league. There is a snobbish attitude adopted towards Giants, but that's usually from guys that would rather splash out on something 'bling' to pose on rather than just get down to the racing.
I tend to recomend Giants to anyone new to the sport on the basis that they generally hang all the kit on pretty decent frames now matter how much you spend, and therefore ripe for upgrades.
I also see that they have added bottle bosses and though not allowed in racing, they are preferable to a Camelbak when training.
well, i am getting one, no doubt...but the right deal will just have to pop up....thinking the 2008 frame is possibly outdated already in the sense that the current (2009-10) frame is getting kudos from many.

i might just ride out the season on this old steel bike, not expect great results, take notes, keep on training and just have fun.


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