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Wondering if anyone on the board is riding a giant tcx.  Looking at getting these for next year but there is very little geometry info on the web.  I've heard they have a high BB (BB drop of 59) but I'm not hearing that you need to size down on on the giants like people do with a ridley. 

Any reviews would be of great help.


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Yep, high BB. Drop is 55-59 mm depending on size. They changed geometry in 2011 or 2012 without telling anyone. Very little info out there unless you contact your regional Giant rep. Head tube is also quite long and I found it difficult to get a good fit.

As to the ride. The front end is very stiff, maybe too stiff. There is huge clearance on chainstays and fork. Bike doesn't like to be leaned over, need to  keep it upright and lean body. Bike is an amazing descender and competent climber. Cornering is ok, nothing special. Good for steering with the hips on mild corners or fast chicanes. Lousy for fast sweeping corners. I've lost the rear end unexpectedly a number of times and ended up on my side. IME, lousy sprinter and horrible on flat bumpy stuff where you want to put down power - way too much rear end wag.

Construction and build quality looks to be very good. Lots of attention paid to small details.

I have a 2011 TCX1. I really love it. I agree with the above review in that the front end is super stiff and a great descender. I notice a good amount of power transfer when climbing or putting the power down. Not a fan of the stock tires/wheels and havent had any problems cornering other than me taking bad lines. But its a great deal for the get a lot of bike/details/components for the money. Top tube/down tube is very comfortable for portaging

Here is a good review of the TCX 0 ..i pulled the trigger and got mine after reading it

I have a 2012 and it has changed quite a bit compared to the 2010 - for the worse in my opinion. Apart from seat tube angle they raised up the BB quite a bit, and the bike definitely has a very waggy rear end - absolutely no way I would think about riding the 2012 TCX in in a crit like the 2010 reviewer. Corners very differently from a road bike and I don't trust the rear end. I have ridden other CX bikes in early season crits with good results.

Thanks for the information.  I've seen a lot of positive reviews of the older models but it seems like the new ones are very different.  I'll have find a local dealer who has one in stock. 

What do you think of the bike as a cross bike.  I probably won't use it as a road bike much it will be more for racing. 

Right now it's between a scott and the giants. 

I've ridden the bike for a full cx season, on several MTB trails, on gravel roads and for winter training rides. It's ok as a winter trainer and fine for gravel, rides much better on MTB trails and single track than any other cross bike, probably because of the high BB, front end and clearances, but as a cx racing bike I've learned to hate it . It might be good for rougher euro style courses, but for fast and twisty american style races I've found it to be horrible. I'm a power rider who likes a manoeuverable bike that allows me to go fast on the power sections and it's completely unsuitable for that. I've already bought a different frame and will be putting the TCX up for sale.

This is for the 2012 M/L frame. All in my opinion but based on several months of riding and racing. I don't know abut the Scott frame but for Aluminum, I'm looking at a caadx or focus for my riding style.

I have a 2011 m/l and love it. never experienced what carlos is mentioning, but im not much of a power guy so maybe thats why.


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